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The basic biology of the virus, HIV, and the disease it causes, AIDS. The economic, social and political factors that determine who gets sick and who remains healthy, who lives and who dies. The progress of scientific research and medical treatments. The reasons for hope; the reasons for fear. (To get a glimpse of some of the materials that students have been posting on the course forums, go to @AIDSFAH or #AIDSFAH.)...

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2016년 11월 26일

I thank Dr. Meisler, and everyone else involved in this course for their excellent work and for enabling me to obtain the knowledge that I have acquired studying this course. Well done.

2016년 1월 31일

Amazing course! It opens our mind to the world in which all people are equal nonetheless what disease they have. Everyone should consider taking this course.

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교육 기관: KAMANZI A

2020년 12월 27일

Was helpful

교육 기관: Madisyn T

2015년 10월 23일


교육 기관: Nicolas F R

2020년 5월 12일


교육 기관: ana m a

2016년 10월 29일


교육 기관: huzaifa a

2016년 1월 16일


교육 기관: LUIS E G G

2018년 1월 18일


교육 기관: Laksanaaree S

2021년 8월 25일


교육 기관: Geoffrey L L

2015년 10월 9일


교육 기관: Nicole C

2016년 6월 22일

I did not watch every single video (I watched it initially for a school project so I had to cherrypick videos) but have definitely learnt so much from all the interviews that the professor has compiled for us and see from different aspects, e.g. political, legal, socio-economic factors, even literature, that have shaped our society's view on HIV patients.

The professor has left very positive note and resonance for us to be aware of HIV and how to change our community by being aware of it. It is truly a meaningful course and I just want to give a huge thank you to University of Michigan for this MOOC.

교육 기관: Larissa

2016년 3월 22일

This interesting course focuses on the social and political aspects of this well-known virus. Interesting is as well the historical information provided and that different countries around the world are highlighted and how various presidents dealt with the epidemic. The focus on stigma is amazing, as this has a big influence on the disease. I would have preferred to have some more information about the bio-medical aspects of HIV to gain a complete understanding. However, I would definitely recommend this course to somebody that wants to create a more complete understanding of HIV/AIDS.

교육 기관: Rebecca J

2020년 6월 2일

Very good starting point for people to become familiar with the HIV/AIDS outbreak. I enjoyed hearing how different cultures viewed the outbreak and how they responded to it. The professor did a good job in the people that he interviewed and the book, video, documentaries he suggested for more information.

I have a medical background so some of it was already familiar to me; if you are in the medical world then the course may be somewhat redundant for you. However, there were many cultural and political information that could be interesting for someone.

교육 기관: Carlos d V A

2015년 11월 22일

This course has been an useful approach for me to AIDS history.

The point is focused on United States but also I Could learn something more of AIDS over the world.

I was hoping to learn more over AIDS, and I did it. But also I learned over people. People who are HIV +, people who care and recent part of our history.

교육 기관: Tammy L C

2016년 9월 1일

This class is filled with useful information and the outside resources it references are also great. The material in the class is presented in a clear and compassionate manner. It's a class worth taking to better understand AIDS/HIV and the role the disease plays throughout the world.

교육 기관: Viviana G

2016년 11월 29일

Aprendí varios aspecto sobre el VIH -SIDA y fue de una manera dinámica. Me gustó mucho la pedagogía empleada. Los invitados entrevistados siempre fueron personas altamente calificadas en el asunto.

교육 기관: Leandro C

2017년 4월 9일

when i did this couse i spected to learn more about the bology of the virus, anyway i really enjoyed this course and i have learnt a lot!

교육 기관: Yolanda C L G

2016년 12월 6일

Un muy buen curso para nosotros las personas comunes con conocimientos comunes sobre el tema.

교육 기관: Ilka G

2016년 3월 26일

Very usefull course. Good explanation about the disease and actual course.

교육 기관: Andrew J

2019년 7월 25일

Informative and enlightening course about HIV/AIDS

교육 기관: E A I

2019년 6월 30일

Very useful course ...thank you coursera

교육 기관: MUSAIB Z

2020년 6월 3일

It was very helpful course.

교육 기관: Elvis A C

2021년 3월 15일

Exceptionally educative

교육 기관: Maureen S

2017년 8월 7일