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Brand & Content Marketing is a IE University course for professionals who want to learn how to produce memorable content through quality storytelling. Students will go through a learning process that will start with a deep understanding of the term Branded Content and its main differences with traditional advertising, simultaneously creating an effective story-line through powerful values. The course analyses the production of quality journalism and explores how to create memorable and long lasting connections with a given target audience in a world of constant content surplus. It concludes with a deeper insight into the term of Brand Entertainment, giving them the opportunity to amplify their knowledge about how to produce a good call to action and retain the audience's attention....
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Brand & Content Marketing 의 2개 리뷰 중 1~2

교육 기관: mauricio k

Jul 28, 2019

rich reading materials, nice interviews, high quality topics and very nice professor.

교육 기관: Maria A J

Jun 09, 2019

So far, I'm really lost with the material. There's a lot of going back and forth that's confusing. I've had to on many occasions, Google the Professor's theories to get a better and clearer understanding of what he's discussing. Also, there have been two questions in the quizzes so far that have not been discussed anywhere in the material.

Unfortunately, I don't want to give up and drop this course because I've already finished week two. So I'll keep Googling my way through to pass.

Was hoping for better quality courses upon signing up to such a "well established" platform.

Maybe Edx next time, really disappointed.