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Creativity Toolkit II: Creative Collaboration, 일리노이대학교 어버너-섐페인캠퍼스

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About this Course

Creativity requires us to collaborate with others. This course is designed to make you a better creative collaborator. Creativity can require us to bring together knowledge from different areas, often known by different people. We need to foster effective collaboration rather than have those differences lead to misunderstandings and conflict. The ideas that we generate, individually or collectively, will be evaluated by others, such as bosses, funders, and customers. These audiences will likely have different concerns when they hear about your ideas and are likely to evaluate ideas differently than you do. We need to pitch our ideas in ways that get others excited about them, rather than bored or confused, so that we can expand the group of collaborators in our creative efforts....

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대학: KR

Jul 05, 2018

Excellent course. Jeff and Jack are two of the most effective instructors out there who are really good at making learning fun and highly effective at the same time.

대학: JH

Jul 08, 2018

This course can be life changing if you take the learnings and apply to your professional and personal life. I highly recommend this course.

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대학: Gilnei Jose Longo

May 23, 2019

Awesome instructions to be Creative and follow up with team formations and team creativity

대학: Joseph Mathew

Mar 29, 2019

Good Experience and received good knowledge about how the creativity works..

대학: Peter van Barneveld

Feb 28, 2019

Amazing course to follow! Great teachers, with a lot of humor! They teached many practical knowledge, I can practise in my daily work!


Feb 05, 2019

good course

대학: anil prakash singh

Jan 09, 2019

Amazing course!!

대학: Chetan Chavan

Jan 08, 2019

I was enlightening journey and very much interesting.


Dec 18, 2018

Great Course and learned lot


Dec 15, 2018

Excellent Course

대학: Steven Meyers

Dec 10, 2018

Good content, but not necessarily so much of it. The two instructors having a conversation often slows the pace down and reduces the use of slides which can be helpful.

대학: Hani Al-Menaii

Sep 27, 2018

very informative course