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Design Patterns, 앨버타 대학교

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About this Course

This course extends object-oriented analysis and design by incorporating design patterns to create interactive applications. Through a survey of established design patterns, you will gain a foundation for more complex software applications. Finally, you will identify problematic software designs by referencing a catalog of code smells. You will be challenged in the Capstone Project to redesign an existing Java-based Android application to implement a combination of design patterns. You will also critique a given Java codebase for code smells. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Demonstrate how to use design patterns to address user interface design issues. • Identify the most suitable design pattern to address a given application design problem. • Apply design principles (e.g., open-closed, dependency inversion, least knowledge). • Critique code by identifying and refactoring anti-patterns. • Apply the model-view-controller architectural pattern....

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대학: AS

Apr 01, 2018

Its a wonderful course for all the software engineers who use object-oriented paradigm for software application development.

대학: MK

Nov 27, 2018

Very very useful to both academician and industry professionals..Thanks Coursera and University of Alberta

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대학: Nagabushan Pandarinath

May 15, 2019

Very Interactive and like the way tutors relate to the real world examples!

대학: david awad

May 07, 2019

really good content, well presented. Good videos too.

대학: Nozomu Kuwae

Apr 25, 2019

I learned both fundamental and how to apply design pattens. Especially having assignment is a great merit of this course. I wish it would have more assignment for each design pattern.

대학: Mohammed Bouchena

Apr 24, 2019

very useful

대학: William Chomley

Apr 14, 2019

Good. Feedback from assignments is ok. There could be more elboration on the final code-smells stuff (maybe some example solutions). The example code given does not compile, I had to spend a reasonble amount of time fixing the build errors. Course content was good and informative.

대학: Sanele

Apr 07, 2019

Amazing course

대학: Samila Ruane Barboza Santos

Apr 06, 2019

Very good. I recommend.


Apr 04, 2019

Great explanation of concepts

대학: Flavio Santos da Silva

Mar 30, 2019


대학: Siddharth Shailendra

Mar 28, 2019

Nice course