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The purpose of this course is to review the material covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam to enable the student to pass it. It will be presented in modules corresponding to the FE topics, particularly those in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Each module will review main concepts, illustrate them with examples, and provide extensive practice problems....

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Apr 17, 2016

This course was a good refresher which hit a lot of topics covered on the FE exam. I supplemented this course with some reference books and the NCEES manual and I was able to pass the FE Exam.


Jan 03, 2017

Its a good way to start studying for the FE exam, but you will need to get a book with all the FE topics to study with as well.

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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review의 58개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Brandon R

Apr 06, 2019

Solid review course to get you back into some of the topics on the FE Civil exam. Be forewarned that the professors do not check the emails of students. Many threads in the discussion forums mention incorrect problems/answers on the quizzes. Some threads are 2+ years old and have not been responded to by anyone at Georgia Tech.

교육 기관: Pramod D

Dec 09, 2018

These are best videos for the Working professional who can not devote much time reading the test material. Nicely explained !

교육 기관: Joana T

Jul 03, 2017

There were a few mistakes throughout each week, in the videos as well as the quiz. If the mistakes were updated, at least in the quizzes, the experience can be improved.

교육 기관: Brian S

Jun 25, 2017

Good overall, but doesn't cover every FE topic, and has several mistakes in examples

교육 기관: Austen H

Dec 24, 2016

The lectures do exactly what you need. He starts with just enough theory to help you understand a concept and then jumps into applying equations and solving example problems. The biggest problem is that there are examples that are wrong every once in a while during the lectures and one or two in each quiz. It's not a huge deal because sometimes figuring out where he went wrong helps you to understand the problem better. It can be annoying for some examples though.

교육 기관: Dejene Y

Jan 12, 2016

This is a fantastic course that helped me prepare for the EIT exam. Thanks for providing this and it is greatly appreciated.

교육 기관: Max F

Jul 14, 2019

This is the best free course available online to review the contents for the FE exam

교육 기관: Mark W

Jul 09, 2019

Very helpful review

교육 기관: Ahmed

Jul 08, 2019

Thank you.

교육 기관: Rafi M

Jun 25, 2019

Great course for FE persuader, helpful contents with affordable price.

교육 기관: Norris L

Jun 17, 2019

The best course out there to cover the basic engineering courses!

교육 기관: Jessica G

Jun 02, 2019

This was one of the best resources I found for the preparation of EIT civil exam.

교육 기관: Frank K

May 01, 2019

Great prep for the FE! I just passed, so maybe I'm biased.

교육 기관: Nhung V

Apr 08, 2019

I didn't have a lot of time to study for my FE due to my busy schedule at GaTech, but I found this course or at least the first couple of videos were very useful for the exam. I really loved the part where Dr. Roberts talked about dimensions and units. I passed the FE right after that. Thank you, Dr. Roberts and Coursera, for this great course.

교육 기관: BANELA K V

Apr 08, 2019


교육 기관: Rahmatullah A

Mar 28, 2019

He is great !

교육 기관: Marco R M

Feb 18, 2019

The course is good, Examples are briefly explained. It doesn't cover a couple of subjects, but still good.

교육 기관: Mohamed A C

Feb 07, 2019

Good Review

교육 기관: Eddie F

Jan 29, 2019

fantastic review course. Certainly has prepared me to pass...lets hope

교육 기관: Gerardo A

Jan 09, 2019

Espectacular so far!!!!

교육 기관: Mohammad A

Jan 04, 2019

I really liked the quiz at the end of each Topic/weeks. Lecture video could be a little longer to add more depth. Homework was very helpful in getting us ready for the Final exam, I took the course for certificate. Thanks

교육 기관: Vatsal

Nov 29, 2018


교육 기관: ibrahim r

Nov 22, 2018

very good course

교육 기관: Ahmed M M

Oct 27, 2018

It is very helpful ❤❤

교육 기관: Mahmoud M Q

Oct 10, 2018