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This course is all about presenting the story of the data, using PowerPoint. You'll learn how to structure a presentation, to include insights and supporting data. You'll also learn some design principles for effective visuals and slides. You'll gain skills for client-facing communication - including public speaking, executive presence and compelling storytelling. Finally, you'll be given a client profile, a business problem, and a set of basic Excel charts, which you'll need to turn into a presentation - which you'll deliver with iterative peer feedback. This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with an address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017....

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2020년 4월 16일

This course is really cool. It have a assignment, make a power point and a presentation video. It really cool to know the other student assignment. It help me review again my knowledge. Cool!

2017년 10월 26일

Crisp and Precise. Provides actionable insights. If you want to be an effective presenter, this is THE COURSE. A BIG thanks to PWC and team Coursera for making this AMAZING course available.

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Effective Business Presentations with Powerpoint의 174개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Ayan S

2017년 6월 11일

It was a great learning experience! The instructors were helpful and the teaching techniques were innovative! Thank you to the creators of this course, Coursera and PwC for their efforts!

교육 기관: Louise M

2021년 1월 4일

This was a great course which really helped me boost my presentation skills. I already had experience presenting but learned a lot from this.

However there are serious problems with plagiarism and students submitting empty/incorrect files that made it difficult to complete this course. I experienced three separate instances of people stealing my own slides and video, minutes after I uploaded it. It was very upsetting to see people claim credit for my hours of hard work. Yet I still see these people in the forums and in the capstone course for this specialization, one of them plagiarizing material (again!) . Clearly Coursera is not enforcing their own T&Cs. By the end of the course I felt very demotivated since it seems there is no point in actually trying to do the coursework properly. Just harass people in the forums to give you full marks and you will pass....

교육 기관: 柯安丽

2018년 11월 19일

Classes are small, assignments are big.

When I follow classes, it's quite easy to answer all of them. But from third to fourth part, it turns out to be a real complex project that you need to work really hard till you feel satisfied. Challenge for me!

교육 기관: Shashikesh M

2017년 11월 1일

Great Experience with lots of learning so far! I would like to recommend this course to every aspirant who wants to start their career in data analytics field or in related area.

교육 기관: Matthew F

2018년 8월 1일

The website will not let me upload either my week 3 or week 4 assignment, thus, I can't get a grade for either and can't pass the course. It also will not let me review peer work since it's contingent on uploading my own assignment.

교육 기관: PRKLN .

2020년 10월 1일

Though most of us with some experience in corporates know what is a presentation and how one will go about it, this particular course offered insights on how to craft a presentation. I liked the nuances it offered like how to choose a template, what should go into planning, etc. Certainly a course to be taken irrespective of experience.

교육 기관: Lisa S

2017년 6월 2일

The course content was great. Uploading the video assignments took approximately a half hour and not all students were able to access the attachments.

교육 기관: Lucy T (

2020년 2월 23일

I had completed this just the assignment final presentation was left. Now I cannot find anything. I have to do it again. this is really insane to do it again.

교육 기관: Eduardo L

2019년 6월 19일


교육 기관: Avais

2017년 10월 23일

If you have ever wondered why your presentations do not deliver the desired impact or how is it that certain presenters are able to deliver impactful presentations consistently, then this is the course for you. Thorough and thoroughly enjoyable. Plenty to take away as long as you put it into practice!

교육 기관: Hussam K

2020년 6월 11일

A very comprehensive and practical course on how to prepare your presentation...PwC team has made a great and amazing job at this course along with other courses in this specialization. Thanks so much for PwC and Coursera for this amazing opportunity for learning.

교육 기관: Drasti D

2018년 10월 23일

We would have made presentation on many events, but the way we should follow the 8-steps mentioned in this course will make it more easy for us on how to approach any presentation to present our findings. Good course to build up more on your presentation skills.

교육 기관: Adalis F

2018년 8월 22일

It is really good, very professional, well explanations of all the participants, clear explanations, so much materials and examples to underestand importants aspects of a professional impecable presentation at any context. EXCELENT!

교육 기관: Tran T

2020년 4월 17일

This course is really cool. It have a assignment, make a power point and a presentation video. It really cool to know the other student assignment. It help me review again my knowledge. Cool!

교육 기관: yanqi z

2018년 2월 24일

Very informational with lots of practical advice. Just wish there were more real world examples. Overall well-designed and efficiently presented in a professional manner.

교육 기관: Madhav L

2018년 8월 5일

I recommend this course to everyone . This course definitely helped me improve my presentation skills and I also got to interact with my fellow course mates .

교육 기관: Jingting X

2019년 4월 23일

The course itself is of good information and is practical in the business world. However, it's just too hard to learn and practice presentation passively through an online course. The peer review assignments are too time-consuming with no proper feedback or aid when preparing, making the effect of the practice not worth the time required.

교육 기관: Olga A

2020년 4월 29일

Wasn't what I was expecting. I was really expecting more about PowePoint tips that listen about presentation general skils.

교육 기관: Douglas G

2018년 2월 7일

Couldn't upload my work.

교육 기관: Abhilasha

2020년 6월 1일

Didn't like the first week, so didnt continue.

Didnt't fill my purpose

교육 기관: Christoph R

2018년 4월 19일

This course really provides a hands on experience for business presentations with a lot of tips to prepare a presentation and how to present in front of an audience - plus how to adjust your presentation according to the type of audience. So you will learn to visualize data for your audience needs and also tell an engaging story to make compelling recommendations and convincing calls to action. This course is fun, too - you can finally put all the techniques you learned in the previous courses together.

교육 기관: Pierre S

2018년 1월 17일

This course is very interesting, gives a lot of tips and help to improve your presentation skills by giving a real and simple method to prepare for presentations. The case study to practise is interesting and allows to perform your own analysis even if the handout provided is sufficient.

교육 기관: Alex M

2018년 3월 1일

I especially appreciate that the course didn't go too far in PowerPoint basics, as it was never about that to begin with. This is a course that will teach you how to deliver an effective and solid business presentation through excel, it does exactly (and strictly) what it says.

교육 기관: Bernard D V

2017년 5월 16일

In this course, you will learn a methodology on Powerpoint creation. In a second time, you will learn some technical skills (but less technical compare too previous Excel course). The methodology is excellent and the course interesting.

교육 기관: pulkit t

2018년 2월 14일

the course gives a lot of useful insights and a peer review assignment at the ensures that you understand others and they understand you and also provides a platform for reviewing and rectifying yours as well as others' errors.