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This course helps you structure your preparation for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam. You will learn about the Google Cloud domains covered by the exam and how to create a study plan to improve your domain knowledge....

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2020년 4월 8일

This is an excellent course. It would have been better if all of the exam sections are covered for each week instead of only covering selective subsections in each section of the course.


2020년 8월 1일

Awesome course outline and well articulated practice sessions to get familiar with Google Cloud Environment. This has given be boost to kickstart my entry into cloud technologies.

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Preparing for Your Associate Cloud Engineer Journey의 374개 리뷰 중 351~374

교육 기관: Sergio S

2020년 11월 19일

The course is too general. Instructor voice is no so clear

교육 기관: Eric A M M

2021년 3월 2일

Two buggy labs. Quicklabs taking so long to fix them.

교육 기관: Julio C L

2020년 5월 22일

Interesting course but I got 2 labs with issues.

교육 기관: TCOC72 p b

2021년 9월 10일

one of the lab was glitched

교육 기관: Mahendra k

2021년 7월 6일

More Practical lab require

교육 기관: Felipe A E G

2019년 10월 25일

Es solo introductorio :P

교육 기관: S A A

2022년 8월 14일


교육 기관: Troy J D L

2019년 12월 31일

I understand there is a lot to cover, but this entire training is very rushed. From the person reading to the labs. The content is just thrown out there with links for more reading. I understand that but there should at least me some rudimentary attempt to explain why we are getting particular images and using those, etc. You're just told what to do and that's it. Do it or not. I feel like i benefited from the course but only in the way I know what the tests skeleton might be. I didn't truly learn much new and things like the commands used I'm clueless about. I can't give this better than a 2.

교육 기관: Varun G

2020년 7월 29일

The overall course felt like a practice run rather than a full-course. It contains bits and pieces of content from the ACE Specialization courses re-narrated in a less than mediocre fashion. The resources and labs are the best part of the course and certainly help you understand your path toward achieving the GCP certifications. Though most of the content is already available on the Google Cloud Certifications page, this course is worth taking only for its Monitoring with Stackdriver lab.

교육 기관: VINEET B

2020년 5월 3일

Trainer accent was pretty hard to understand as his sounding like his suffered from cold. Whatever he has taught in the videos was irrelevant to lab i mean if you don't have those steps given in the qwik lab page then you can't do that lab on the basis of those lecture at all, specially the last one in which you have to configure and deploy the microservices with error & logging (SLI & SLO) though quiz was so relevant to the videos.

교육 기관: Maxim S

2020년 6월 24일

Labs that do not work. The presenter who can't pronounce clearly. Grossly simplified presentation of exam requirements. Two starts for the efforts. Otherwise very very little value.

교육 기관: Lars W

2020년 5월 10일

Instructors pleasant enough, but after passing previous courses in the program, this was just repetition and the lab instructions were obsolete towards the end.

교육 기관: Akansha S

2019년 12월 30일

This gives very,very brief overview. A much more extensive course is needed to get prepared for taking the Associate exam.

교육 기관: Txema M T

2021년 2월 21일

Los laboratorios son terriblemente malos, fallan la mitad de las veces

교육 기관: Douglas O

2020년 3월 5일

No veo que aporte nada especial a los cursos anteriores.

교육 기관: Daniel G C H

2020년 5월 18일

many errors

교육 기관: Deleted A

2020년 4월 25일

Muy mal, la plataforma de coursera es mala, confusa, el contenido de los cursos es escaso (videos de 1min) links a la documentación, no aportan ningun tipo de valor añadido.. los foros estan llenos de quejas. No se hacen responsables de los problemas con los laboratorios..

Muy triste. Muchas plataformas de enseñanza están a años luz!

교육 기관: Piotr S

2019년 11월 29일

Awful way to prepare yourself to certification - it takes ~20 hours to learn basics completely useless from certification perspective.

교육 기관: Himal N

2021년 6월 28일

Overly complicated for an Intro course.

Labs steps were not clear sometimes.

교육 기관: KULDEEP S

2022년 8월 14일

vidoes are not of much use. there is no explanation of concepts

교육 기관: Michael D

2020년 10월 11일

This course wasn't very helpful at all.

교육 기관: Bodhisatwa B

2019년 11월 13일

does not worth the money!!!!

교육 기관: José A G R

2020년 4월 29일

very boring

교육 기관: Sasidhar V

2020년 4월 9일