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Introduction to Probability and Data, 듀크대학교

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About this Course

This course introduces you to sampling and exploring data, as well as basic probability theory and Bayes' rule. You will examine various types of sampling methods, and discuss how such methods can impact the scope of inference. A variety of exploratory data analysis techniques will be covered, including numeric summary statistics and basic data visualization. You will be guided through installing and using R and RStudio (free statistical software), and will use this software for lab exercises and a final project. The concepts and techniques in this course will serve as building blocks for the inference and modeling courses in the Specialization....

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대학: AA

Jan 24, 2018

This course literally taught me a lot, the concepts were beautifully explained but the way it was delivered and overall exercises and the difficulty of problems made it more challenging and enjoying.

대학: HD

Mar 31, 2018

The tutor makes it really simple. The given examples really helped to understand the concepts and apply it to a wide range of problems. Thank you for this. Wish I could complete the assignments too.

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대학: Nguyen Dao Vu

May 22, 2019

Great and easy to pick up. I love the bite size videos, very easy to digest and re-watch.

대학: Jerome Tambour

May 20, 2019

The course is very basic, so it is good for an introduction. Quizzes are simple but the final project takes a lot of time. Why should we have to answer three research questions? Two would be sufficient.


May 19, 2019

good learning experience!!

대학: Brian Childers

May 13, 2019

Good introduction - the pace of work is appropriate for someone working full time, yet wanting to learn more about probability and data.

대학: Anand Kumar shaw

May 09, 2019

Thank you Coursera to help me for my great achievement.

대학: Arijit Debroy

May 08, 2019

The Course should have more detailed plotting guides and more videos on GGPLOT package for visualisation of data.

대학: Rui Zhang

May 06, 2019

I've audited several similar courses and found this one to be the best.

First of all, Dr. Mine is just so great at explaining things. There is no doubt that she's one of the best in her area, but she's also born to teach and communicate. She combines all kinds of way to make a concept vivid and clear. I've audited couple other courses, and I took relevant courses back in college a while ago, Dr. Mine is the best out of all the professors I've met at explaining things. This is not in this course but next, but just as an example of how clear she is when explaining standard deviation of sample means. She takes time to combine a specific example, visualization, and simulation, to really make all the points clear. You could try to listen to her on that part in the next course week 1.

Second, the R practice in every week is very beneficial and helpful. The cases used in those practices are fun to work with too. The hands-on experience on R and data exploring is valuable.

Overall, this is a very helpful course for me to review probability that I took a while ago in college and almost forgot, and for me to learn R and get hands-on practice.

대학: Jihun Shin

Apr 29, 2019

This course was good to set and to start a statistic knowledge

대학: Donghee Lee

Apr 29, 2019

The course is really well organized and focuses on practical skills as well as theoretical part.

대학: Natalie Reeder

Apr 25, 2019

The concepts are taught very clearly and thoroughly, but they leave you hanging out to dry a bit with R. R is not an easy program and they could do a little more hand holding in this *Introductory* course.