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This mini-course is intended to for you to demonstrate foundational Python skills for working with data. The completion of this course involves working on a hands-on project where you will develop a simple dashboard using Python. This course is part of the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and the IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate. PRE-REQUISITE: **Python for Data Science, AI and Development** course from IBM is a pre-requisite for this project course. Please ensure that before taking this course you have either completed the Python for Data Science, AI and Development course from IBM or have equivalent proficiency in working with Python and data. NOTE: This course is not intended to teach you Python and does not have too much instructional content. It is intended for you to apply prior Python knowledge....

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2022년 2월 27일

Had a few issues with my IBM Cloud account and adding the Jupyter notebook but the help\response was great so was resolved quickly.

Great material that can defintely be applied to work experiences.


2021년 8월 17일

It was an awesome and very hard experience. I struggled a lot with the final assignments, which led to me learning a lot of new things and learning them good. I am giving this project/course 10/10.

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교육 기관: Velin T

2021년 8월 18일

It was an awesome and very hard experience. I struggled a lot with the final assignments, which led to me learning a lot of new things and learning them good. I am giving this project/course 10/10.

교육 기관: Sri D K

2021년 10월 6일

Best course so far, under the IBM Data Science professional certificate program. It is heavy on the practical side, which is a good thing as it gives the person a more hands-on experience.

교육 기관: oon a

2021년 3월 7일

this course has been renewed. now with more content (videos also readings), it is a great course to learn about web scraping. valuable for getting datasets.

교육 기관: Christian H

2021년 2월 27일

Excellent course for data science, but coding experience is necessary.

교육 기관: vignaux

2021년 2월 22일

Perfect to practice python, pandas, etc.

Great work

교육 기관: Aldair G

2021년 2월 17일

Hard but worthy

교육 기관: John G

2021년 3월 16일

It's not as bad as many people wrote. It was challenging for me as a beginner to python, but it was possible to do if you took notes and reviewed the previous labs. I like that it included work that a financial analyst might have to do. What I didn't like was that in the final project, it wasn't completely clear what to take screen shots of (be sure to take them of ALL the graphs) and that a couple of the tasks were the same. I can't say that I know how to program in Python after this project, but I certainly learned a lot.

교육 기관: Phạm N M H

2021년 5월 31일

Compare to the 4 previous courses in DS professional certificate, I'll say this course will worth your time, although the IBM stuff kinda piss me off. Through this course, you will understand what and how to crawl data from a web page - something you will usually hear like (crawl data from facebook, twitter,...etc) and you can play around with the notebook to get used to it and understand how to crawl data in the most efficiently way and a little bit of visualization

교육 기관: Laura M P

2021년 3월 9일

Mixed feelings .... appreciated the challenge, but I could never have finished without the sample code provided in the Discussion. Perhaps better to rename this "Web Scraping with Python" and provide a ton more examples of different scraping different websites and practice labs. On the other hand, it did get my feet wet and it gave me the motivation to figure this out further on my own.

교육 기관: Laith K

2021년 3월 18일

Good knowledge to learn, but can there please be an option to challenge peer grading? person who graded mine took off 2 points and when I looked back to see what was wrong, my solution matched the given solution exactly?????

교육 기관: Jacob B

2021년 3월 7일

This course was added to the curriculum for the IBM Data Science course while I was already enrolled in Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python. After finishing that course, Coursera wouldn't allow me to enroll in the next course, Data Analysis with Python. I was notified, "you are currently enrolled in an old version of the specialization. Upgrade the specialization to continue with your purchase." When I click to upgrade, there's an error. I assumed this was due to the addition of Python Project for Data Science, so I thought I would start this course instead of moving on to the next course. Coursera charged me $49 to add the Python Project for Data Science course, when I was under the impression that all courses are included in my subscription fee.

I do think it's important to be able to pull data from HTML, and how that process works was interesting. However, I found that the labs, especially the final assessment, did not follow very closely with the videos. This course required a lot more independent research when compared to other courses in the curriculum. There were multiple typos in the labs, and the whole thing felt thrown together as an afterthought. Now it's preventing me from enrolling in other courses until I figure out how to upgrade the version I'm enrolled in.

교육 기관: Ian M S

2021년 2월 22일

Nice to have a practical, but the environment is not as good as coding in an IDE which I think would be closer to real work experience. The instructions were sometimes confusing, sometimes didn't explain what to do properly, sometimes included functions that we didn't learn about and sometimes left out important details that were critical to write code that didn't fail. I think the course would improve if they could better simulate an software environment we'd find in a work place and if they polished up the instructions. I wasted so much time just trying to understand the instructions, googling how to do certain things that should've been taught in the course materials and looking through the discussion forums for why my code was failing which could've been avoided with better instructions.

교육 기관: Lisa S

2021년 9월 27일

T​his course seemed disjointed and the flow could be improved. It assumes prior knowledge or requires additonal work outside of the course to master the fundamentals being taught.

교육 기관: samantha d

2021년 4월 12일

I found this course very frustrating. I felt like they didn't really explain how to do anything and that you really needed to have more background in Python to understand how to do it. I honestly had to go back and make sure that I didn't miss a course that would've set me up for this course. I managed to get through the final assignment but I didn't learn anything and wouldn't be able to duplicate anything I did. This course really made me re-think about pursuing this whole area of study since I had such a frustrating time with this. This course definitely needs more tutorials with hands-on experience; something besides things like opening a Watson Studio account.

교육 기관: Amanda E

2021년 3월 20일

HORRIBLE course. You basically already need to be at an intermediate level with python and html to know how to do anything. The video instruction has absolutely nothing to do with what they actually expect you to be able to perform in the hands-on labs and final assignment. Which makes no sense sense the ibm data science certificate program is supposed to be for beginners. All in all I learned absolutely nothing, not even outside sources helped. If you really want to learn web scraping I recommend taking an entirely separate course from this.

교육 기관: Olivier H

2021년 4월 11일

This is by far the worst course they offer in this certificate... for some reason all the other courses were hard, but doable. This one has minimal information to help you complete either the exercises or the quizzes. You guys will have to do better because it literally makes me want to stop this course

교육 기관: Hira L

2021년 3월 23일

Not sure why this course was placed 5th in the IBM Data Analyst/Data Scientist Specialization. I was only able to complete it once I studied "Data Analysis with Python". The instructions/lessons were very vague and felt insufficient to complete the final assignment.

교육 기관: Stephanie W

2021년 4월 15일

Up until this class I thought the content was very well organized. one of the most frustrating things about this project is that some of the concepts it covers are introduced in the next class. there is a serious issue with the sequencing of course material.

교육 기관: João S

2021년 3월 9일

The test is not supported by what is learned on the module. It should be thoroughly revised. The goal of a test is not to trick a student but to check overall capabilities and even, TEACH

교육 기관: Hamda O

2022년 2월 21일

All the links for the labs and IBM website don't work. Not recomended at all faced so many problems and limited time as one week only.

교육 기관: Helena R

2022년 4월 19일

Course was impactful, and compact. Was able to recall just one previous introduction to stocks. Challenge was the use of indexing and dataframe slicing to some extent. Appreciated the project in dealing with multiple figures oin the same g0raph. Had originally mis-read the question and interpreted it as plotting single graphs, In process, had opportunity to read on different graphing methods to perform multiple graphing. Looking for a real world opportunity to demonstrate learnt concepts.

교육 기관: Douglas B

2022년 7월 16일

I enjoyed a lot with each practice, it is a challenge, the more you advance, you have to analyze to understand the code and be able to extract the data, as you understand the code everything becomes an automatic process and easy to understand, the final activity was another level because you concentrate all the practical knowledge in several data extraction operations and discover new ways to display the data. Translated with (free version)

교육 기관: Khusan T

2021년 3월 23일

Usually, I don't rate courses cause I don't have this kinda ability to reflex, but this course is different. It got a lot of negative rates and opinions that it's kinda too difficult. But I completed this course within one day and all the previous courses in specialization and even the latest one are enough. And course project is very interesting, giving real world scenario. Thanks for the course team!

교육 기관: Alpesh G

2021년 6월 30일

This Python Project for Data Science course helped me in understanding BeautifulSoup library and its real life used cases. Web Scrapping is also very well explained. The use of Plotly library also gave great insights in the form of charts and graph. Looking forward to explore more into this newly acquired skill set. Thank you IBM and Coursera for this great course and access to IBM Watson Studio.

교육 기관: Noel A S

2021년 3월 18일

This course was pretty challenging, but also very fulfilling once completed. Taking it has definitely boosted my confidence in tackling the rest of this course. Since this is relatively new, the initial reviews that I read had me skeptical about the content, but it looks like whatever problems there may have been have now been ironed out - and I'm thankful for it!