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시카고대학교의 Software Defined Networking 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this course, you will learn about software defined networking and how it is changing the way communications networks are managed, maintained, and secured....

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2020년 10월 19일

This is a very good course for any one who want to understand SDN. This course played a vital role in helping me to get an A in my project work leading to the award of MSc.Computer Science.


2020년 1월 1일

I really appreciate the external interviews, veracity and technical details of the course. It would have been better, if correct links for the tools have been provided in the course.

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Software Defined Networking의 62개 리뷰 중 51~62

교육 기관: Dicki D M

2020년 6월 24일

Good for covering ground-basic SDN, but SDN itself is a really fast changing technology, so you must learn from the latest resource for advanced.

교육 기관: David d A

2020년 4월 5일

The content is well presented with useful examples. However, it has become a bit outdated and the programming assingments are missing

교육 기관: Usu G

2020년 9월 22일

Great course

교육 기관: David M

2021년 5월 16일

PROS: Good at explaining the fundamentals of SDN. The interviews helped separate the hype from the practical aspects of implementing SDN and making it clear that there is a lot that still needs to be developed.


1) The material is dated. The lectures were created six years ago or more. Six years is an eternity for fast moving technology. Several of the projects that were discussed in the lectures are no longer active. The course badly needs to be updated. For example, one of the hottest applications of SDN today is with 5G, which isn't even mentioned in the course.

2) The course is very choppy. Many of the links included in the module syllabus are broken or stale. Also, the course appears to have had assignments and maybe lectures removed. There are actually questions in some of the quizzes that refer to material that is no longer covered in lectures, or to assignments that are no longer included in the course!

This is a worthwhile course, but it really needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

교육 기관: Stephen D

2022년 1월 14일

The course coverage was quite good, and the videos and quizzes helped to solidify the lessons. I think though, the course is starting to become a bit outdated. Also there are references to programming assignments that have been moved, and require some Googling to find the new Github repo. It would be nice to bring those programming assignments back and not have as many quizzes.

교육 기관: Filip S

2022년 2월 21일

i​nteresting content, but - programming assignments are no longer available; content has low resoltuion when sharing terminals, variable audio quality

교육 기관: UDIT P

2021년 4월 9일

Please explain more with POX, because other are outdated now. Also, Update the course with new OpenFlow.

교육 기관: 安雅萌

2020년 6월 24일

This course is really boring.

교육 기관: ali a

2021년 4월 13일

I think This course requires a lot of prerequisites. most of the concepts are not visible and the teacher only read slides. for example we use mininet but we do not know what is mininet or we hear a lot of work which we have no idea about them. I do not like this course and this teacher

교육 기관: Hamdi B

2020년 5월 6일

I wish I could find one updated lesson, I only saw outdated elements, outdated instructions and outdated links. I suggest to update this course or to delete it! Thank you.

교육 기관: Steve B

2021년 8월 20일

v​agrant, virtbox, mininet git install failed.

교육 기관: Nausee K

2020년 12월 1일

Not in the English language