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The blues is an American art form and the most important musical form in jazz. Although there are other formal paradigms of the blues, such as 8-bar or 16-bar, this course focuses on different incarnations of the 12-bar blues. There are considerable differences between Early Jazz blues, Swing blues, Bebop blues, Modal blues, and Post Bop blues. Each type has its unique harmonic syntax, melodic vocabulary and, associated with them, improvisational techniques. While other aspects of jazz performance practice have been constantly changing from one stylistic convention to another, the blues has never lost its identity and expressive power, and continues to exert a powerful influence on the harmonic and melodic syntax of jazz. This seven-week course explores important aspects of the blues, blues improvisation, basic keyboard textures, jazz harmonic and melodic syntax. Topics include: (1) Blues Progressions; (2) Blues and Other Scales; (3) Improvisational Tools, and others. This course will also cover valuable theoretical concepts enabling the student to master the art of jazz improvisation. Each topic will be introduced from a practical perspective with the clearly stated goal: to improve one’s improvisational skills. Jazz improvisation is rooted in spontaneity, creativity, self-expression and, at the same time, self-control and order. A unique pedagogical approach based on a one-to-one musical interaction conducted with different instrumentalists will help to reinforce many of the concepts introduced in this course and realize its stated objectives....

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Mar 04, 2017

This is very practical and useful course. I really learned something from it! I love this courser and I strongly recommend this course to everyone who is fascinated in Blues.


Sep 18, 2017

Thanks so much to all involved - I found the material to be clearly presented and rich in content. It really helped me to understand how to grow in my jazz exploration.

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교육 기관: Danilo T B

Oct 08, 2016

Such a great course! Even though I am a bass player this course has made me understand patterns and ways in which the Blues can be taken to. Thank you very much for such an amazing experience.

교육 기관: Anthony L

Mar 04, 2017

I found this course to be very informative. I am a self-taught amateur musician, and this course really helped me see the underlying connections amongst the various music theory concepts, especially those pertaining to harmony and improvisation, that I have tried to learn on my own. Using the historical evolution of the blues as the underlying pedagogic tool is a great idea and really helped my understanding. And I think it will also help my appreciation for jazz going forward.

The only regret I have is that I do not know how to play piano (I am a guitarist), although I am in the process of teaching myself how to play (I am literally just about a month in). Once I have started building my "chops", I plan to come back to these lectures and apply them to my piano studies.

Many thanks to Professor Terefenko and the forum moderators for a great learning experience!

교육 기관: Donghan Z

Mar 04, 2017

This is very practical and useful course. I really learned something from it! I love this courser and I strongly recommend this course to everyone who is fascinated in Blues.

교육 기관: Cliff B

Jan 06, 2019

I can't say how much I enjoyed this course. As an adult, I studied classical piano for 9 years. During that time, I made several failed attempts to learn to play jazz piano. When I began this course, it was if a light went on. It was clear to me that this course could be a path, and a framework for learning to play jazz. Now, I am enthusiastically pursuing that path. In addition, I believe it's important to know the history of jazz, as well as the theory and performance.

교육 기관: Nicolle M

Jun 18, 2017

This course is more than a great introduction to blues, one of the most idiomatic genres in history.

I enjoyed it a lot and learned even more than I expected.

This course is perfect for beginners like me, who want to get familiarized with such a beautiful way of expressing ourselves.

교육 기관: Robert L

Jun 16, 2017

Great course for anyone who is interested in music and music history. Well done.

교육 기관: pkavpro

Feb 12, 2019

I would like to express my biggest appreciation to Prof. Dariusz Terefenko and all fellow-musicians joined in this course. For me and all musicians who don't have enough financial capabilities to participate in official musical training programs, this is such a great source and incredible guidance to American music with all knowledge and materials needed for further musicianship development.

교육 기관: Stéphane S

Apr 27, 2019

This is a leading course that provides an in-depth understanding and all the background necessary for advanced blues studies based on jazz theory. The course is given brilliantly and very pedagogically by a virtuoso pianist.

교육 기관: علي ﻠ

May 29, 2017

As a (mainly) self-taught musician, I find this course helps me a lot. Previously, I'm learning blues via YouTube or Google search, yet this course give me an opportunity to get an elaborated perspective in regard of Blues, its history, and its practical usage in music improvisation.

교육 기관: John E P

Aug 30, 2016

I find this course to be very practical and very rewarding. After a week I can come up with two-handed chords and comp with a singer or a soloist (after some prep right now). I found the various options for improvising to be very informative. I enjoy the teacher very much, he is enthusiastic and friendly and has excellent tips for practicing. I like the way the course is structured, working from a simple blues to more involved but still conforming to the basic blues structure.

I was fascinated by pentatonic chords and I am determined to come up with an arrangement of my own using these chord types. The drop-2 approach is a very useful way to get a great sound and is useful for comping. Guide tones and voice leading are extremely useful also and an essential tool in any jazz performer's portfolio.

I plan to practice these various methods and I will probably buy the teacher's book to see if I can advance my skills further.

I plan to use the play-along sessions to improve my improvising skills. I really enjoy playing with the band! Thank you so much for this great course.

교육 기관: Ajay V

Jan 31, 2019

What an awesome course! A must learn for any musician who is caught in a rut and is looking to jazz to expand their knowledge and ability. This gives you such great organised information that cannot be acquired except through formal music studies/classes from a tutor. Surely not a course for beginners though. Thanks to Mr. Dariusz Terefenko for his meticulous preparation of the course, his generosity in sharing his knowledge and for thinking ahead to prepare backing tracks for the student. Full marks to him and to the course.

교육 기관: Sushil M

Jan 30, 2019

Wonderful Overview of Blues.

교육 기관: Luis C

Jan 22, 2019

Un curso fascinante, me hubiera encantado que tuviese subtitulos en español, asi lo hubiese aprovechado al máximo

교육 기관: Numa M A V

Jan 06, 2019


교육 기관: Munro W

Jan 24, 2019

Mr Terefenko's course is challenging but he gives you a wide variety of skills, tips and understandings to progress your involvement in both Jazz and music generally. He is very clever and also a wonderful source of inspiration. Complete the papers and you will learn lot's 🎼✔️!

교육 기관: Anthony R J

Feb 08, 2019

Thank you for the excellent method of educating and presenting examples of how to understand and play music and especially The Blues. The Instructor was simply Grand in his delivery and structure.

Anthony Ray Johnson

교육 기관: Sakda S

Jul 12, 2018

Very Impressive course. I learn a lot from there.

교육 기관: Pablo S H

Aug 25, 2017

It´s great and resourceful. From basic to advance level.

교육 기관: Marek J

Jun 27, 2016

Very good course for all musicians. Explains advanced blues and jazz theory in easy way. Very interesting material about the music history and harmony evaluation.

교육 기관: Simone S

Sep 25, 2016

The assignments are not really commensurate to the content, i.e. they are much simpler and superficial and do not really test the content, which is deeper and implies practical activities difficult to measure. The title is also partially misleading, at least for me, and I would rather call it a blues introduction to jazz improvisation. But the content and the exercises proposed are great, one of the best and no nonsense approach to bebop improvisation I've ever found

교육 기관: Susanne R

Dec 16, 2016

This was the best music course I have ever taken. Thanks to Professor Terefenko, the Eastman School of Music, the talented musicians who composed and performed pieces, and Coursera. I have learned a lot of new ways to practice. The ear training and the explanations of the theory were very helpful.

교육 기관: CARLOS C

May 14, 2016


교육 기관: Xiangxin L

Jun 18, 2017

So many ideas for blues and jazz.

교육 기관: Carlos A F

Jul 18, 2016


교육 기관: Marcos N d O

Apr 13, 2017

Pratical, straight foward and elusive.