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The blues is an American art form and the most important musical form in jazz. Although there are other formal paradigms of the blues, such as 8-bar or 16-bar, this course focuses on different incarnations of the 12-bar blues. There are considerable differences between Early Jazz blues, Swing blues, Bebop blues, Modal blues, and Post Bop blues. Each type has its unique harmonic syntax, melodic vocabulary and, associated with them, improvisational techniques. While other aspects of jazz performance practice have been constantly changing from one stylistic convention to another, the blues has never lost its identity and expressive power, and continues to exert a powerful influence on the harmonic and melodic syntax of jazz. This seven-week course explores important aspects of the blues, blues improvisation, basic keyboard textures, jazz harmonic and melodic syntax. Topics include: (1) Blues Progressions; (2) Blues and Other Scales; (3) Improvisational Tools, and others. This course will also cover valuable theoretical concepts enabling the student to master the art of jazz improvisation. Each topic will be introduced from a practical perspective with the clearly stated goal: to improve one’s improvisational skills. Jazz improvisation is rooted in spontaneity, creativity, self-expression and, at the same time, self-control and order. A unique pedagogical approach based on a one-to-one musical interaction conducted with different instrumentalists will help to reinforce many of the concepts introduced in this course and realize its stated objectives....

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Jul 28, 2020

Very good and enjoyable mix of practice and theory - from basics to more advanced with good explanations throughout. I just wish I was a better piano player to be able to take full advantage of it!


May 10, 2020

This course is really interesting. I would like to recommend this course to those who genuinely loves music. Thanks to the University of Rochester for launching this wonderful masterpiece.

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The Blues: Understanding and Performing an American Art Form의 184개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Ulla L P

Jun 11, 2016

This a formidable course that has given me a thourough understanding of jazz harmony, of the development of jazz harmonic language exemplified by the blues, and a plethora of practical exercises, both ear training and (primarily keyboard) playing. The play-along tracks are very useful, too, and last, but not least, it was wonderful to listen to the talented young jazz music students, who demonstrated various aspects of the subjects taught.

교육 기관: Joao P

Jul 17, 2016

I've done quite a few online courses and have been studying Jazz intensively and seriously since 2009. This is, hands down, the best course I've found on the subject of improvisation - because it is so carefully organized and well explained. Mr. Terefenko does an amazing job taking you through the various blues types and improvisational devices. My only regret is that I didn't find years ago, as I was starting! Absolutely top material.

교육 기관: Eduardo M C

Aug 10, 2016

It´s an excelent course, with a lot of material to study for long time. The explanations are clear and step by step. Professor Dariusz Terefenko is a great teacher and also a great player. Their students play great demonstrations on explained topics. I learn a lot about, otherwise difficult topics, on jazz styles, jazz harmony and improvisation using modes and other techniques. All applied over 12 bar blues structure.

교육 기관: Igor M

Jun 07, 2017

Excellent course, not only to understand and learn about the Blues form, but also as a primer for Jazz.

Dariusz Terefenko is a great pedagogue. He makes all concepts very accessible, easy to understand and to put into practice. The course is nicely put together: packed with theory, practice tips and live examples.

I do not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in playing Blues and Jazz.

교육 기관: Pawel S

Jan 25, 2017

Excellent course. It is all about theory, which is fantastic, with some facility provided to enable improvisation. It would be great to extend this course to a hands-on improvisation. How about a part 2 - practical implementation of the introduced improvisational concepts?

Many thanks to prof. Terefenko and the band members - what a gathering of talent!

Best regards,

Pawel Slomowicz

교육 기관: DUTT K T

Jul 08, 2020

i found this course very very helpful the way of teaching was excellent and the tips provided through this course was awesome and interesting. now i can improvise by using different scales and pattern which i found very different in jazz and blues improvisation. overall it was a great course which i found very helpful..........thanks a lot coursera for providing this type of course.

교육 기관: David B

Aug 10, 2016

Excellent course. The lectures are well organized and illustrated with good examples. This professor not only has a remarkable fund of knowledge but understands how to teach the material focussing on key points, practical tips and fun. I will certainly obtain his book to continue learning and hope he will consider teaching additional courses on this site.

교육 기관: Lorne D M

Jul 24, 2017

Some difficulty understanding instructor had to review some of the material. Need to improve my limited piano skills to better understand what was discussed. Able to play along with backing tracts in the later chapters. If the reference texts weren't so expensive would gladly have purchased them. as I have with other online coursera programs.

교육 기관: Doug B

Sep 06, 2017

Class is amazing if you have just a bit of theory background, and especially if you have a keyboard to practice some of the stuff on. Excellent professor, great appearances and performances on trumpet, bass, etc.. Also a nice intro to jazz piano. Happy to see Eastman contributing some top caliber material to a major mooc platform.

교육 기관: Mahbub E

Jul 05, 2020

This course discusses several important aspects of Jazz and Blues music. And the course is well outlined, so it gradually gives you the fuller information and demonstrates for you what was earlier taught through a jam. It has been very helpful for me, I would suggest any one interested in blues and Jazz should take this course.

교육 기관: Ivan L

Oct 16, 2016

I think this is a very complete course that teaches in detail the history and development of The Blues, backed up by extent theoretical content. I definetely learned a lot from it and also gave me all i need to continue developing my playng skills. Thanks to Coursera and all the people involved in the creation of this course.

교육 기관: Graeme H

Mar 01, 2017

Brings together a lot of the 'book' theory in a pretty comprehensive and comprehensible form, with playing examples individually and in ensemble. Having struggled with some of this material in the past, I found Dariusz explanations really helped me move my comprehension of this subject area along quite dramatically.

교육 기관: Santiago A S

Jan 06, 2020

I'm not an english speaker and with the english subtitles I was able to understand everything, and the course content is very insightful, I'm going to be a long time coming back to some concepts and ideas for their detailed study and practice. I'm really gratefull and I recommend it, don't hesitate to do it!

교육 기관: 宮本孝男

May 06, 2019

The couse was very useful. I could learn a comprehensive theory and I think I gained a firm theoretical background. The step-by-step building-block approach enabled me to follow the contents. The course also included a variety of practices which can be used in my practice. I really enjoyed this course.

교육 기관: Susanne R

Dec 16, 2016

This was the best music course I have ever taken. Thanks to Professor Terefenko, the Eastman School of Music, the talented musicians who composed and performed pieces, and Coursera. I have learned a lot of new ways to practice. The ear training and the explanations of the theory were very helpful.

교육 기관: Martins J d S F

Sep 25, 2017

Excelente Curso. Abre a mente do aluno para os "segredos" da harmonia que envolve o blues. Excelente professor. O ritmo das aulas, a sequência dos conteúdos, o link com os estilos e principais nomes deste estilo musical. Realmente, um dos melhores cursos que já fiz aqui no Coursera. Parabéns!

교육 기관: Manfred K

Aug 13, 2020

I liked this course very much. It has a very well selected content and is very well presented. I'm just an amateur musician, restarting to play after several decades hiatus. This course gave me the right material and right inspirations to get a major step forward. Thank you, Mr. Terefenko.

교육 기관: Ryan B H

Apr 10, 2017

This course was wonderful! A great deep dive into all the theory behind the blues, the various harmonizations and the music theory behind them, as well as a number of great concrete examples of song analysis, composition and improvisation. I recommend it to anyone interested in the blues!

교육 기관: Carlos

Jan 28, 2018

What a wonderful and comprehensive course, I feel like I have enough material to get through for at least a couple of years. The Profesor is absolutely wonderful, so inspiring and thorough, very clear in his explanations. 5 stars for sure!! Thank you, Professor Dariusz Terefenko!

교육 기관: Munro W

Jan 24, 2019

Mr Terefenko's course is challenging but he gives you a wide variety of skills, tips and understandings to progress your involvement in both Jazz and music generally. He is very clever and also a wonderful source of inspiration. Complete the papers and you will learn lot's 🎼✔️!

교육 기관: Carlos A

Oct 31, 2017

This course is really incredible. It is very complete and although it focuses on the blues style, many of the principles learned can be applied to other musical genres. The teacher is excellent and the classes very didactic although I must warn that it is not aimed at beginners

교육 기관: Brian D

May 03, 2018

Excellent learning experience. Dariusz Terefenko's demonstrations and explanations helped me better understand the theory and mechanics behind the progressions and improvisations. Great to have students show some of their compositional and improvisational skills as well.

교육 기관: Rebecca D

Nov 21, 2016

Excellent course. I thought the explanations about Jazz theory were well grounded when demonstrated by the students playing. Lots of great tips and complex ideas brought to life by great performances. A course in Blues that I could probably do again, it was so good.

교육 기관: Bill P

Nov 21, 2016

I got a lot from this course. It looks a bit technical and demanding at first but worth sticking with. There are useful ideas to help understand and apply the course content to practice and hearing music.

One minor point - the video subtitles could do with an edit.

교육 기관: Jonathan F

May 14, 2017

Wonderfully insightful. Rigorous and structurally clarifying. Way beyond my current playing and comprehension/composition/improvisation abilities, but I hope someday to have a chance to use at least some of this to expand the range and beauty of the music I play.