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Few capabilities focus agile like a strong analytics program. Such a program determines where a team should focus from one agile iteration (sprint) to the next. Successful analytics are rarely hard to understand and are often startling in their clarity. In this course, you'll learn how to build a strong analytics infrastructure for your team, integrating it with the core of your drive to value. As a Project Management Institute (PMI®) Registered Education Provider, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business has been approved by PMI to issue 25 professional development units (PDUs) for this course, which focuses on core competencies recognized by PMI. (Provider #2122)...

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Agile Analytics의 6개 리뷰 중 1~6

교육 기관: Poornima S

May 11, 2020

Another fantastic course from Alex Cowan! Insightful, timely and shares great perspective from experts

교육 기관: José L P C

May 20, 2020

Best course about agile Analytics

교육 기관: Ettinger T

May 15, 2020

Great course and great content!

교육 기관: ANA M A J

May 18, 2020

Very good course

교육 기관: Anna K

May 29, 2020

It is a good and interesting course in general. But peer assignments have mistakes. So, even students that understand materials well will lose points.

교육 기관: Alexandre A

May 12, 2020

A lot of material copied from previous courses