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市场营销概论 (中文版), 펜실베이니아 대학교

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대학: WT

Dec 29, 2016

Wonderful Course, I love it;\n\nProfessional Teachers, I like them;\n\ni will keep learning!my next course is Corporate finance, hope i could pass and be certified.\n\nBest Regards\n\nSophia

대학: LL

Apr 27, 2018

Acquired so much knowledge that can use in my career.

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30개의 리뷰

대학: 王韧豪

May 06, 2019

Can't play video

대학: ZHANG Qian

Mar 06, 2019

Very impressive! I'll try to combine the theory and the work in the future!

대학: 刘峰

Dec 31, 2018

The knowledge and skills taught in the course are particularly operational. And it's very easy to understand and practice.

대학: Danna Zhu

Nov 11, 2018



Aug 20, 2018

It is a very useful course that provides me much information about Marketing, which helps me comprehend the field of market and management.

대학: Claire

Jun 10, 2018

Very comprehensive and inspiring course. Gives you the basic framework of thinking about branding and marketing.

대학: NICO

Jun 09, 2018


대학: Karis

Jun 06, 2018


대학: Linqi Liu

Apr 27, 2018

Acquired so much knowledge that can use in my career.

대학: 沈昊天

Apr 17, 2018

Useful, if have some PDF corse material, it would be more great.