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홍콩과학기술대학의 Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Learn the mathematics behind the Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio, and how they are related. These topics are not usually taught in a typical math curriculum, yet contain many fascinating results that are still accessible to an advanced high school student. The course culminates in an explanation of why the Fibonacci numbers appear unexpectedly in nature, such as the number of spirals in the head of a sunflower....

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Aug 18, 2019

Excellent exposition of a fascinating subject.\n\nVery well organized, including a handout with the course material.\n\nMany thanks to Prof. Chasnov and the HKUST for this worthwhile opportunity!


Mar 23, 2019

Absolutely loved the content discussed in this course! It was challenging but totally worth the effort. Seeing how numbers, patterns and functions pop up in nature was a real eye opener.

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Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio의 105개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Bader A

Dec 24, 2016

This course shows how mathematics is beautiful and fun

교육 기관: Marcin W

Nov 18, 2016

Very nice course, interesteing approach and examples.

교육 기관: Ian T

Dec 20, 2017

interesting subject matter, perfect course duration

교육 기관: Matthew F

Aug 04, 2017

This is a really good course. I really enjoyed it.

교육 기관: Muhammad A S

Sep 14, 2019

I am very glad to learn about Fibonacci number.

교육 기관: Dmitry G

Nov 13, 2017

Beautiful and famous... and it is a math! :)

교육 기관: Amith N

Jan 30, 2017

Neatly planned with excellent information!

교육 기관: Dmitry S

Dec 12, 2016

Excellent topic and clear explanations.

교육 기관: vijeta i

Dec 04, 2017

Was a great course!! Enjoyed a lot

교육 기관: Hannah

Dec 16, 2016

Interesting, challenging and fun!

교육 기관: Bart S

Nov 27, 2016

Great course, please repeat it!


Jun 21, 2018

Good explanation, Good example

교육 기관: Abushieba A I

May 29, 2017

It's very nice and I had fun!

교육 기관: Sandesh J

Jan 25, 2017

learnt something interesting!

교육 기관: Iulian N

Nov 27, 2016

Very interesting course

교육 기관: Lau C C C

Apr 21, 2018

thank you very much

교육 기관: paul s

Nov 18, 2017

Funny and excellent

교육 기관: L. M l

Aug 25, 2019

Students friendly

교육 기관: Bheemarasetty r v s s

Jun 06, 2018

fun course,great.

교육 기관: Francesco F

Jul 04, 2017

Very interesting!

교육 기관: Daniel M M R

Jun 01, 2017

Excellent Course!

교육 기관: Javier G

Feb 14, 2017

An amazing course

교육 기관: Emmanouil G

Jul 18, 2017

Very good course

교육 기관: Fabrizio B

Dec 22, 2017

Great course

교육 기관: Serhat G

Apr 01, 2018