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Mandarin Chinese 1: Chinese for beginners is a beginner's course of Mandarin Chinese. It uses lectures, short plays, interactive exercises and cultural tips to help learners build a fundamental capability of oral Chinese in real-life situations. At the end of the 5-week course, the learners will reach the following proficiency: ♦ 150 words ♦ 20 language points ♦ handling 5 real-life situations This is a beginners' course, therefore no prerequisite is required....

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2020년 8월 8일

Verry good. Chinese is difficult to learn but this course kept me intrested and practicing. I do recomend to print the pdfs so you can practice and keep information. Videos can be downloaded too.

2020년 4월 22일

So I learned more things from here. Not only about the Chinese language but I really like Chinese culture and food too. This course is useful for everyone. Thank you so much.\n\nMr.Navin ARUNRAT

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교육 기관: Patricia F

2019년 4월 3일

Only because my money was invested in this course i stayed.

Introductory indeed, thanks to this course I knew where to start with my Chinese Language acquisition. The sentences given can be used in the real world. But there was a lot to be desired.....

I don't live in a place where I can get much practice face to face and so feel that there should have been more in depth lessons to help what I was learning to stick.

For example, more cultural backgrounds, how one word or phrase could differ in different places, a number of realistic conversations in regular speed not just one scenario using students of the language like myself (I would've been more accepting if the demonstrators weren't so unnatural). There was a lot of things that detracted from the videos.

At times the accent of the instructors from the lesson videos took away from the message, though i wasn't distracted, I wasn't totally present either It took much effort to stay focused. Delivery is important for such a complicated subject.

The App was convenient, I could download the video lessons, and do some of the tests then have them submitted when I had internet access again. But there were some bugs, especially on the new vocabulary page.

The PDF lesson sheets had valuable information in them, I just wish there was a way to have been tested more on those. It was like pouring information into my lap and asking me to learn, and correct myself. I've learned that can hurt language acquisition.

Lastly, the community in my opinion is almost purposeless. I've seen comments sit unanswered and conversations unexplored for months on end. This would have been no big deal if my grade didn't depend on another persons involvement in the course. The final Peer Review was a pain to wait through. One can submit their assignment in 10 minutes but must wait a month for it to be graded by another. I've noted too (because I did it myself) When someone finally does check the assignment they are not obligated to give marks based on criteria. I could just give full marks without checking with no consequence. When I did pay attention to what I was listening to, I heard many mistakes in pronunciation and grammar but could still give full marks because that wasn't the criteria for the assignment. Whats worse is that I'm not aware of other mistakes a native speaker could pick up, and yet...I could still give ...full marks. That needs to be corrected or removed entirely.

Sadly this review is filled with criticism, but only because I believe it has the potential to be better.

교육 기관: Bodhidavid

2020년 12월 3일

This course is excellent for beginners, I am amased of how much I learnt and how at the end of it I was able to say and record my first sentences in Mandarin.

교육 기관: Harsh B

2019년 9월 1일

I'm really satisfied with the course. It helps you learn all the basic chinese words you need to make short conversatiosn with people.

교육 기관: ron a

2020년 5월 15일

I was auditing the course. I finished every assignment I was allowed. The course says overdue. It is apparently a bug since there is nothing to complete.

교육 기관: IRFAN A B

2020년 6월 12일

it's really good course, for beginners, hopefully everyone will like the course for sure, thank you teachers for providing such amazing course

교육 기관: Manuel E

2017년 11월 9일

This a great course to learn Chinese for real-life purposes. The pace is perfect for adult learners. It's also fun and not stressful at all.

교육 기관: Beyers S

2018년 5월 24일

Excellent! If anyone can teach a 68-year-old "geyser" Mandarin, they deserve 5 stars. Will be going on to next course!

교육 기관: Yatin G

2020년 8월 23일

Excellent class training and good concepts but I think a bit more basic must have been cleared in the early classes as I got a bit difficulty in understanding the concepts so I think basics must be taught in the very early session so that it does not create any difficulty in understanding the concept. Overall I have a great experience with this course, hope I could continue to learn more in more advance level of courses.

교육 기관: Leah G 古

2020년 10월 31일

I really LOVE it!!!!

Before I took the classes, I never imagined they would be SO interesting and practical!

By mistake, I am taking level 1 & 2 together :)

I have been taking Traditional Mandarin for almost 10 years and I am impressed with the high quality material both 老師 are providing us with!

By the way, I purchased both books! High quality books as well! WOW!


謝謝 您們!



교육 기관: Stephen P

2018년 12월 13일

It's a little frustrating that I need a VPN (because I live in China) for this MOOC. However this course is nicely balanced and timed. I feel i am picking things up. You can download so you can get home/offline practice and the pace is nice and steady (not too fast).

교육 기관: ANIK C

2020년 4월 16일

It is always a difficult task to learn a new language from scratch but the teachers and their teaching methods were so cool that I learned very easily from them i loved the course as it would also be a new feather in my resume and enable me to find a better job

교육 기관: Jamie B

2017년 8월 4일

I've used several resources to try to learn Chinese on my own. This course is incredibly well structured, the audio-video content is clear, and I appreciate the ability to get feedback. I look forward to the other courses in this series.

교육 기관: Silvia P B R

2020년 8월 9일

Verry good. Chinese is difficult to learn but this course kept me intrested and practicing. I do recomend to print the pdfs so you can practice and keep information. Videos can be downloaded too.

교육 기관: Navin A

2020년 4월 23일

So I learned more things from here. Not only about the Chinese language but I really like Chinese culture and food too. This course is useful for everyone. Thank you so much.


교육 기관: Pijitra T

2020년 4월 26일

I have been learn this course when I am on quarantine days at my home. I set my mind to study for 2 days because I think Chinese language is very important for everyone who need to work or study. This course is the first step that fun and a lot of knowledge ;moreover, I can adapted conversation to talk with my friends or family. That's wonderful everyone need to study like my course and sure I advised them to study. Of course the next station is second one that I won't miss. See you next chapter guy.

교육 기관: Shivam K

2017년 9월 15일

Course was good. Instructor was dedicated and professional. She kept me engaged throughout the course and never let me feel bored. Course content was sufficient and well organised too. My overall experience was fantastic and it delivered everything, I had expected from this course. I look forward to take other leading courses on Chinese too.

Additionally a little focus on the Chinese Script would have a cherry on the cake.

Thank you

Shivam Kumar

교육 기관: Nina B

2019년 10월 21일

I really enjoyed the course! It was easy to follow the instructions and fun to learn. I liked the structure and selection of vocabulary. At the end of the topic, there is a video about cultural differences that I found were important to know. Language knowledge is nothing without understanding the culture. I found all the handouts from the book useful and I will recommend this course to others.

교육 기관: Ruth E

2020년 10월 10일

Through the Mandarin Chinese 1: Chinese for Beginners, not only learned the initial language stage, but also had the unique opportunity to learn how to improve the quality of content disseminated and made to students in an online platform, as well as understanding that the partnership and discussion with my classmates was fundamental to achieve a good performance. Thank you very much!

교육 기관: Lily H

2017년 3월 3일

Excellent course! It helps me learn a lot in a best way. The topics including greeting, asking time, shopping, family and ordering food are quiet basic and useful. The causes are well-paced and i like the way the teacher speaks Chinese. The practice and quizzes help me keep track of what i have learned. I will recommend this course to anyone who wants to start to learn Chinese!

교육 기관: Pedro J R

2019년 8월 27일

Es una excelente forma de aprender desde cero el mandarín. El curso permite entrenar habilidades básicas como el escuchar, pronunciar con entonación y hasta escribir! Recomiendo el curso a aquellas personas que no han tenido un acercamiento anterior al idioma y a la cultura de China. PD: Los tips culturales son una sección muy enriquecedora del curso.

교육 기관: Iann A

2017년 2월 17일

This course is very useful for people who just started to learn Chinese. This course is very good. I have learnt much in a best way. The topics are useful and the vocabulary and grammar that we learn are at HSK 1 level. The quizzes are short and the deadlines motivate you and help you keep track. Thanks to Coursera for providing this course.

교육 기관: Maria S M

2021년 10월 3일

It is a great course but it is quite disappointing to receive the certificate and read that it has no credit. It should not state this because it gives the sense that it has no value. Even if it has not credit it should be written differently; for example, that we have satisfatorily completed with the course requirements.

교육 기관: sanjay d

2017년 12월 19일

For me this has been an excellent program. One may add that since Chinese is a tonal language and English language as practiced today, does not have ways and means to capture nuances of the Chinese language, it takes some time and effort to get understanding of it. I would like to complete the next stages of the course.

교육 기관: Debashis D

2021년 3월 22일

Great intro class. The videos were well done and quite helpful. I also liked the New Words section that helped with the pronunciation. I wish there was an option to practice verbal communication with classmates.

You do need to invest a lot more time to keep up with the optional writing section if you want to try that.

교육 기관: Afrina J

2021년 5월 2일

I am really grateful that I can learn Mandarin hear and It really helps me learn Mandarin a lot rather than learn it by myself. I plan to finish all Mandarin courses here, so may I have the chance to do so. Thank you for approving my financial aid, which is very helpful for me. Thank you for the educator also. Xie Xie!