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Data science courses contain math—no avoiding that! This course is designed to teach learners the basic math you will need in order to be successful in almost any data science math course and was created for learners who have basic math skills but may not have taken algebra or pre-calculus. Data Science Math Skills introduces the core math that data science is built upon, with no extra complexity, introducing unfamiliar ideas and math symbols one-at-a-time. Learners who complete this course will master the vocabulary, notation, concepts, and algebra rules that all data scientists must know before moving on to more advanced material. Topics include: ~Set theory, including Venn diagrams ~Properties of the real number line ~Interval notation and algebra with inequalities ~Uses for summation and Sigma notation ~Math on the Cartesian (x,y) plane, slope and distance formulas ~Graphing and describing functions and their inverses on the x-y plane, ~The concept of instantaneous rate of change and tangent lines to a curve ~Exponents, logarithms, and the natural log function. ~Probability theory, including Bayes’ theorem. While this course is intended as a general introduction to the math skills needed for data science, it can be considered a prerequisite for learners interested in the course, "Mastering Data Analysis in Excel," which is part of the Excel to MySQL Data Science Specialization. Learners who master Data Science Math Skills will be fully prepared for success with the more advanced math concepts introduced in "Mastering Data Analysis in Excel." Good luck and we hope you enjoy the course!...

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2020년 5월 16일

Effective way to refresh and add the Data Science math skills! Thanks a lot! At the time of the study some of the quizzes content were not rendering correctly on mobile devices (both iPad and Android)

2020년 9월 22일

This course syllabus is great. It starts wonderfully. Week 1 to 4 is taught by Paul Bendich, and Daniel Egger the instruction is awesome. Effective way to refresh and add the Data Science math skills!

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Data Science Math Skills의 2,051개 리뷰 중 2026~2050

교육 기관: Rodrigue S

2020년 6월 24일

This is really basic basic.

교육 기관: Derek S

2018년 3월 29일

last week was very hard

교육 기관: Deeraj

2020년 4월 30일

It's nice to learn

교육 기관: Stan M

2021년 2월 15일


교육 기관: Eray C

2021년 1월 25일

With all due respect but this was honestly the worst paid education-experience I've EVER had in my whole life! What is this?

Okay let's summarize the problems:

First of all. This course does NOT provide any useful math skills. No, in the first 3 courses, you learn a tiny piece of minimum basics of college math.

And then comes week 4....... what.. is... this... why.. Any note written on the screen looks like the drafts of college times, where we had no pleasure to even write.

It's totally hard to even understand what is being "explained" nor to even READ what is being written! It's a total loss of time and money. The only thing worth in this course is the title of the course, written on the certificate. But there absolutely NO quality behind it! I'm honestly disappointed.

Half of the quiz-questions are very misleading because of lacking a proper, clear and distinctive use of language (is this math or not???)!! The theory PDFs are okay at the beginning then get worse with each week. There is such a lack of clarity proper explanation!

please just delete this course.

PS: it seems, the discussion forum is not even touched by providers. Why? There are a ton of suggestions to improve the course. I mean... there WERE... if someone would read them to actually improve the course.

PPS: And HOW did this course get 4.5 Stars?? Makes no sense to me.

교육 기관: John Z

2021년 5월 7일

This course was pure garbage. Though it seemed promising in the beginning, it was clearly too ambitious and poorly designed. The topics are too quickly covered, and don't build upon each other. It's a very disconnected learning experience. The probability modules are completely useless. The "instructor" just read some definitions and sloppily wrote some formulas on a virtual whiteboard. Though I appreciate the exposure to a wide array of topics, my time would have been better spent reading a book on the same concepts - an exercise I will inevitably now have to do.

교육 기관: Katrina E

2020년 10월 1일

I chose this course because it said it was for beginners but the content was extremely difficult and was not at a beginner level at all. The presenter assumed knowledge and the presenter himself made errors during his presentation and did not explain concepts well. The quiz was very difficult to attempt because the questions often went beyond what was in the course. Do not attempt this course if you do not have actuarial science level.

교육 기관: Mahdi S

2020년 10월 15일

I expected much much much more than what I was exposed to in this course. The video companions could be more detailed, having more examples (I believe math is learnt via examples) and the lectures, especially in the third and fourth weeks were amazingly disengaging.

교육 기관: Krishnachandran R

2020년 12월 29일

Please give the certificate sir.

Why didn't i get certificate? I have tried a lot to get this one, i have lost sleep for many nights. Im coming from a poor family. I dont have enough money with me. If i get this certificate it will help for my career.

Help me sir..

교육 기관: Sitalakshmi I

2020년 9월 19일

The course was not properly taught. There should have been more quizzes, more systemic approach to explaining the problems and solutions. Also the feedback after exams and quizzes were non existent

교육 기관: Ranjan B

2020년 5월 16일

The course provides very basics concepts of Mathematics and Statistics.This course would help those who needs fundamental acquaintance with basic theorems of Mathematics and Statistics.

교육 기관: Jennifer N C

2021년 5월 2일

j guess I would be better suited to a course for pre-beginner beginner levels. This has been over my head since the first video.

교육 기관: Valentyn B

2020년 10월 31일

First, its too easy, almost intuitional. Then it overwhelms you with a plethora of formulas, no mathematical logic provided.

교육 기관: Cassidy O

2021년 1월 18일

very poor instructional videos. videos and examples in videos are extremely hard to follow and not well-organized.

교육 기관: Vishwang B

2020년 7월 4일

Found too many errors in both content and quizzes. Good basic course for beginners. But, the errors must be fixed

교육 기관: Jared L

2020년 7월 1일

Numerous errors in the videos, very bad audio quality. Not worth the time.

교육 기관: Miguel P M

2019년 7월 3일

Extremely Basic. Not useful for DataScience in my oppinion.

교육 기관: A S D

2020년 7월 1일


교육 기관: Ishwariyalakshmi E

2020년 7월 5일

I don't recieve the certificate the course is good

교육 기관: Sumit B

2020년 4월 30일

I want to unenroll from this course

교육 기관: Pierre L

2020년 4월 24일

Too many typos in the videos

교육 기관: Asdoost

2020년 6월 9일

Terrible, just terrible!

교육 기관: Youssef A

2020년 9월 12일

too basic

교육 기관: Bota D

2020년 9월 6일

too easy

교육 기관: Angelos R

2020년 3월 20일