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This course covers designing and building a TensorFlow input data pipeline, building ML models with TensorFlow and Keras, improving the accuracy of ML models, writing ML models for scaled use, and writing specialized ML models....

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2020년 11월 14일

Excellent 'Introduction' to TensorFlow 2.0 (HINT: 'Introduction' does not mean 'Easy').

Evan Jones is at his best giving rapid intuitive explanations of advanced topics in deep neural networks.


2020년 5월 17일

I feel this course very valuable because it taught how to create an automated service in cloud with very huge data and working with distributed systems in production environment with minimal time.

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TensorFlow on Google Cloud의 325개 리뷰 중 251~275

교육 기관: Marcio P D

2018년 7월 27일

Pace is too fast. It seems easy in the beggining, but when you get to the Challenge exercises, you see that you are lacking a lot of basic knowledge. It took me 3 hours to understand how to do a loop, using the low level API! I couldn't understand exactly the challenge of week 2 and post a question in the forum. No mentors answered it.

I didn't like week 3 class. The guy showed the source code and just made a quick comment about it, not explaining what was going on. I had to pause the video to check what was there, but I'd like actual detail explanation on what is going on there.

So, what I think is that this course needs more detailment and more attention to the questions in the forum.

교육 기관: Sebastian R

2019년 10월 19일

The first 2 courses in this specialization had too little substance. Here the first two weeks are very good. Unfortunately, the final week terrible. It introduces lots of interesting concepts but does not explain them adequately. You will see lots of cryptic code (getting obscure ids, running bash scripts from jupyter) without much explanation. The whole thing feels unfinished. When google is not too busy being subservient to China, it could maybe spare some resources fixing this for paying customers?

교육 기관: Ehsan A

2018년 7월 5일

I took this course separate from other courses in the series. So my review could be different if I have had all courses. Although the material covered are generally useful, I believe the course content does not help much with learning TF and code using it. Overall, the course flows well. But the third week is radically different from the first two weeks and difficult to follow.

교육 기관: Bhargav D

2020년 4월 24일


The first course in the specialisation that actually prompts you to write code for yourself.

Good concise introduction to TensorFlow, well written and presented content in the videos


Knowledge of ADVANCED Bash and ADVANCED SQL required for Labs otherwise the whole thing goes over your head and you just end up copying the solution from the GitHub repository.

교육 기관: Ani M

2020년 7월 6일

It was a bit challenging to write some of the Tensorflow code myself, I felt unprepared when attempting to do that although I was able to understand what was going on. This made the challenge exercises pretty intense. Also, I had some weird bugs in my Tensorflow assignments that didn't allow me to complete the last two labs really.

교육 기관: Mihir T

2018년 6월 9일

The course lacks detailed description of how to deploy your model on Cloud. The 3rd week of the course is useless. The course creators should've either concentrated on just TensorFlow for Machine Learning or should've provided detailed lectures on deployment of the Model on cloud.

교육 기관: Jeff B

2018년 7월 18일

Material was too high level. Talked more about specific examples than going through a broader understanding of the tools. It would have been helpful to start with an example, talk more about the tools themselves in detail, and conclude with a few more examples.

교육 기관: Karthikeshwar

2020년 4월 27일

It was a little bit tough for beginners, but still a great course to learn. You must learn a lot of things on your own, after all, these courses are only meant for showing the right direction, which they successfully did. Thank you.

교육 기관: Ishan P

2019년 8월 11일

Introduction was quite good

Learnt a lot from that

but after week 1 it was too boring we were taught something else and labs we based on some other complex things. Make sure to improve the quality.

교육 기관: shashi k s k

2020년 7월 7일

Good content and excellent theoretical explanation. lab materials are not updated. Running into too many Attribute errors and tf doesn't contain ** module.

Lab directory has to be updated.

교육 기관: Adam D S

2019년 5월 15일

The content is great, and the instructors do a good job. However, I could not connect to qwiklabs, so it would be beneficial if Google would create labs within Coursera's framework.

교육 기관: Ayman S

2019년 7월 30일

I learned a lot as it is more interactive. But Several problems with the lab and incompatibility with the instructor labs. I think the videos are older than the labs.

교육 기관: Santiago H

2020년 6월 19일

The course focuses a lot on boilerplate code rather than concepts, the labs are too broad and don't focus on learning specific topics about TensorFlow.

교육 기관: Franco G

2019년 12월 29일

Conceptually, it was a good introduction to tensorflow. Labs were not introductory labs, there was heavy coding, and a few errors in the instructions.

교육 기관: Miguel A F M

2019년 2월 25일

Los laboratorios eran demasiado restrictivos, para poder crear un "bucket" requería de un permiso adicional y la práctica la tuve que abandonar.

교육 기관: brian t

2019년 2월 12일

The first week is okay. Mostly a waste of time if you want to learn tensorflow however--it's really just a huge ad for Google Cloud Services.

교육 기관: Adrian H

2020년 4월 28일

Good basic intro. I now understand what tensor flow is! But the second half tails off and is a bit disappointing. Some labs need updationg.

교육 기관: Batkov I O

2021년 7월 8일

I think this course need a more test about code,not practice - because on practice you want remember what you find out for the second

교육 기관: Yuri S

2020년 5월 18일

There is little to no visual illustration on how data structures get sequentially transformed with various estimator API functions.

교육 기관: Jos Q

2020년 6월 5일

Started very well but got quite confusing towards the end. I would not be able to produce the code in the last lab myself.

교육 기관: TEJ P A

2020년 5월 4일

I think that the instructors were good but content was not sufficient. Also they culd have added more on tensorflow2.0

교육 기관: Colin G

2019년 12월 23일

Good intro to TF, but not updated for 2.0. Also felt at times more like a lesson in Cloud Platform and Jupyter.

교육 기관: Saloni B

2019년 7월 23일

The course is just gives an insight. It would have been more beneficial if there were some graded assignments.

교육 기관: Long L

2020년 3월 28일

Pretty Ok-ish. The notebook needs to guide more specifically, since you learn syntax and code along the way.

교육 기관: Kevin D B

2019년 12월 3일

Too much big picture fluff and not enough actual explanation on the code and how to do things in practice.