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This course introduces classes, instances, and inheritance. You will learn how to use classes to represent data in concise and natural ways. You'll also learn how to override built-in methods and how to create "inherited" classes that reuse functionality. You'll also learn about how to design classes. Finally, you will be introduced to the good programming habit of writing automated tests for their own code. The course is best-suited for you if you are already familiar with Python fundamentals, which are covered in the "Python Basics" and "Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries" courses (courses 1 and 2 of the Python 3 Programming Specialization). It is optional to have taken the "Data Collection and Processing with Python" course (course 3 of the specialization), but knowledge of retrieving and processing complex nested data is helpful. This is the fourth of five courses in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....

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Oct 27, 2019

Good continuation of the first three courses in this specialization. Clear introduction to classes, and nice survey of testing, exceptions, with a fun little game project at the end.


Apr 25, 2019

It was a great learning experience. A Heartfelt thankyou to the entire team for creating this great course as well as the wonderful Python 3 specialisation. thankyou !

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Python Classes and Inheritance의 91개 리뷰 중 76~91

교육 기관: Joseph I

Jan 20, 2020

Great class. I wish we could run more of the Python code in a local environment vs. the Runstone runtime env.

교육 기관: Zahid A

Dec 19, 2019

This course was awesome. I had learned about classes, objects, and inheritance in python with the course.

교육 기관: Mauricio G N

Jul 27, 2019

In general, it is well explained, but it needs to have more examples in terms of classes and inheritance.

교육 기관: Yam H L L

Jun 28, 2019

Good course but final assessment was too long and the question design and flow was bad and confusing

교육 기관: Harsahib S

Jun 14, 2019

Its a bit less descriptive,personally think that more depth and information need to be covered

교육 기관: Matheson W

Aug 06, 2019

I found this course very informative and learned a lot.

교육 기관: Juan D C

Feb 10, 2019

It´s a very interesting course

교육 기관: Jose H C

Nov 11, 2019

It's all good.!

교육 기관: KAPIL P

Aug 17, 2019

Good course

교육 기관: Apostolos G

Mar 12, 2019

It's not that coherent as it touches very different topics without an obvious relationship among them (e.g. Classes, Test Cases, Django!) All the tasks are very easy, addressed to beginers while the final project is challenging and needs to have some experience skills.

교육 기관: Aparna V

Feb 12, 2020

Good course, structured well.

For a person who doesnt know OOP, it is difficult to understand the self declara`ti`on

교육 기관: syoya

Feb 09, 2019

there's something wrong with assignments grading system and the problem descriptions are sometimes quite confusing

교육 기관: Hari P R

Jun 18, 2019

This course was very basic. I expected more. I had already known most of the concepts.

교육 기관: Cevat A S

Aug 17, 2019

Could have been more comprehensive like multi-inheritance

교육 기관: Amir Z

Jun 30, 2019

No real examples, final project was so hard to understand. Better to do something not a game

교육 기관: Shubham A G

Nov 05, 2019

Too easy