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Version Control with Git, Atlassian

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About this Course

The Version Control with Git course provides you with a solid, hands-on foundation for understanding the Git version control system. Git is open source software originally created by Linus Torvalds. Git manages team files for large and small projects. This allows the team to continuously improve its product. It is used by most major technology companies, and is assumed knowledge for many modern programming and IT jobs. It is a core component of DevOps, continuous delivery pipelines and cloud-native computing. You could also use Git to manage the many continuously improving revisions of that book that you are writing. In this course, you will not learn everything there is to know about Git, but you will build a strong conceptual understanding of the technology, and afterward will be able to confidently dig deeper on any topic that interests you. This course assumes no previous knowledge of Git, but if you do have experience with it, you may find this course to be both useful and challenging. This is especially true if you currently "know just enough Git to be dangerous". There are two paths in this course. Both rely heavily on hands-on labs. One path assumes that you have experience using a command line interface, and the other path uses the Sourcetree graphical client. If you are not experienced with a command line, we highly suggest that you go through the Sourcetree path. Eventually, you might want to go through both paths, so that you can decide which tool to use for specific tasks. Besides, repetition is good for learning :) You can watch the videos and take the quizzes from your phone if you want, but the hands-on labs require you to have a Windows or Mac computer. If you use the command line path through the course, you can also use Linux. This course uses Bitbucket ( as the hosted provider for remote Git repositories. Bitbucket is free for teams of up to 5 people, including private repositories. However, most of the knowledge that you gain in this course applies to Git itself, and you can apply this knowledge to other hosted Git providers (such as GitHub). This course tries to be as concise as possible. It will probably take you about 5-10 hours to go through one of the two paths, but your mileage may vary....

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대학: ML

Mar 28, 2018

Great course, should be a pre-requisite or additional reading to any intro data science course using Git. Straight-forward, not overly taxing to your time, and full of practical application exercises.

대학: AS

Feb 03, 2019

An excellent intro course to git, Bitbucket and Sourcetree. I did both the Sourcetree and CLI version. Was really good to see things done both ways. Helped to make the material stick.

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대학: Danilo Peres Casabona

May 20, 2019

This GIT training raised me from zero knowledge on GIT version control system to very confortable user.

대학: Tarık çarlı

May 17, 2019

this course is so helpful for Git learner.


May 08, 2019

it was a good explanation and useful

대학: Billyanto Hendrik

May 03, 2019

thankyou for give me course

대학: Anantharaj Nagarajan

May 01, 2019

I would give only 3 stars because There is no video contain particle live workflow, slide show most of the time getting irritated

대학: Shantappa Bande

Apr 29, 2019

Nice content

대학: Joseph Stagliano

Apr 28, 2019

Very good

대학: Massimo Costantini

Apr 26, 2019

It's a god and complete course on GIT.

대학: Sunilsmith Eswaran

Apr 25, 2019

Good material

대학: Alexander Lezin

Apr 22, 2019

Excellent course especially for those, who are new in IT.