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Welcome to Learn to Speak Korean 1! This course is for beginner students who are familiar with the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Through this course students will learn the skills essential for daily interactions with Koreans while living in Korea. This course consists of six modules, and each module is composed of five units. Each unit has vocabulary, grammar and expressions, conversation practice, video clips, quizzes, a workbook, and vocabulary lists. In order to assist students with their independent studies, Korean learning materials such as lecture notes, workbooks, and vocabulary lists detailing each day’s lecture are also provided. The vocabulary lists are accompanied by English, Chinese, and Japanese translations. I hope that you enjoy all this program has to offer over the next six weeks. After studying in this program, you will be able to have a real Korean conversation with your newly acquired knowledge of the Korean language. Thank you! Your Course Team Chief Contents Developer: Sang Mee Han Contents Developers: Bock Ja Lee, Yoo Kyung Choi, Ha Min Cho, Ju Eun Kim Production Assistants: Jin Hee Kim, Eun Hye Kim...

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Jun 29, 2020

This course really helped me understand and gave a better explanations on stuff that i didn't understand at first. I recommend this to those that are learning or want to learn Korean it very helpful.


Jul 12, 2020

Fantastic course! As a Korean-American, learning grammar has always been tricky for me. Thank you for creating such a well-organized, well-taught course. Looking forward to future courses with you!

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교육 기관: Szilvia I G

May 10, 2020

Es war super interessant und nützlich zum Lernen der koreanisch Sprache.

Vielen Dank! :-)

교육 기관: Crisalee O

Jul 22, 2017

It was an excellent course. I hope they provide a second course on learning Korean soon.

교육 기관: Nathaly G

Jun 30, 2020

Excelente curso, muy buenas estrategias de enseñanza , he aprendido mucho en este curso

교육 기관: Gaurav S

Jun 14, 2020

Excellent work, they taught me a lot, and i am able to gain knowledge about south korea

교육 기관: Herica S A M

Apr 23, 2020

It's amazing. I'm learning so much.

Thank you for this amazing course. ♥️

I love Korean.

교육 기관: Pilar L

Apr 12, 2020

좋네오, 많은 것을 배웠어요, 저 한국어는 조금 이미 알았어요 그런데 많이 배웠어요! 어 네... 저는 아마 연세대학교 갈 수도있어요ㅎㅎ 또보세요 선생님!!

교육 기관: ali o e

Aug 11, 2019

대박 :) 아주 좋아했어요. 선생님은 아주 좋은 사람입니다. 대단히 감사합니다 .

교육 기관: Leonardo G M P

Jul 28, 2020

Muy buen curso para reforzar las nociones básicas de coreano y aprender más gramática

교육 기관: Flora A I Z

Jun 21, 2020

this course has helped me understand the korean language easily with no difficulties.

교육 기관: Betty L

Jan 07, 2017

Learning Korean on this course is step by step and easy to understand. Great course!!

교육 기관: Andi N U

Dec 02, 2019

they explained it in easy way. i'm so exited to take another course from Yonsei Uni.

교육 기관: Deleted A

Jun 03, 2017

this course may be a bit fast but its content is very useful for new korean learners

교육 기관: Matthew P

May 20, 2017

An excellent course as an introduction to essential Korean grammar and conversation.

교육 기관: Eva T

Jun 07, 2020

I really loved thus course. Thank you so much to the teacher, she helped me a lot !

교육 기관: Frank

Mar 27, 2017

Very useful for beginners. You can learn basic expressions: listening and speaking.

교육 기관: Ayoub H

Jul 16, 2020

It was very informative, thank you so much. Waiting for (Learn to speak korean 2).

교육 기관: Gustavo R

Apr 18, 2018

Excelente curso! Perfeccione mi conocimiento del idioma coreano. Muchas gracias!!!

교육 기관: Carina M M N

Feb 02, 2018

It is a great course and I could learn much more about korean language. Thank you!

교육 기관: Lupita M B

Jun 07, 2020

Completo, bien explicado y fácil de entender. Excelente material y curso. Gracias

교육 기관: Mali-Sarai H

Jan 31, 2019

I love this course. I higlly recommend this course to whoever is learning Korean!

교육 기관: terri a k

Jan 17, 2018

Lessons are clear and comprehensive. Also, Samples are very useful. Thumbs up! 😊

교육 기관: MARIA D L A L

Jun 07, 2020

Me encantó el curso. Muy buena disposición de los temas tratados. Los felicitos!

교육 기관: Iveth P

Jun 28, 2019

Los profesores son buenísimos. Explican todo de una manera sencilla y excelente.

교육 기관: Irán T M

Jul 17, 2020

Muy buen curso que explica excelente y con la paciencia necesaria para aprender