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In the capstone, students will build a series of applications to retrieve, process and visualize data using Python. The projects will involve all the elements of the specialization. In the first part of the capstone, students will do some visualizations to become familiar with the technologies in use and then will pursue their own project to visualize some other data that they have or can find. Chapters 15 and 16 from the book “Python for Everybody” will serve as the backbone for the capstone. This course covers Python 3....
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2021년 7월 9일

Now I understand how data mining, API's and dumping and retrieving data from a database works. Excellent course to start understanding how python can be used to work with data sources on the internet.


2020년 4월 28일

Now I understand how data mining, API's and dumping and retrieving data from a database works. Excellent course to start understanding how python can be used to work with data sources on the internet.

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Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python의 1,597개 리뷰 중 251~275

교육 기관: Shristi S

2020년 11월 7일

It was a great course. I recently completed my project and all my concepts of python are clear. All the video lectures, assignments are very helpful.

교육 기관: Jie C

2022년 4월 11일

v​ery good prepared lectures and also easy for beginners to follow step by step. it's the first course for me in Coursera and it was a good choice.

교육 기관: Qauthar S

2021년 3월 28일

The whole specialization is excellent. All things are very well explained. Made me enthusiastic enough to make me work on the honors assignments!

교육 기관: Jaafar A

2020년 8월 21일

Very good course, I learned how to program from scratch and now I am more confident to program and also to learn other programming languages.

교육 기관: Ty W

2019년 8월 25일

Dr Chuck was great as always and I learned more about Python, however, I thought it would be more challenging and involve more programming.

교육 기관: Eric P

2019년 8월 1일

I can't recommend this specialization highly enough. Dr. Chuck is a great instructor and presents the material in a clear and concise way.


2020년 5월 18일

This was a great journey from last to end. I learned a lot of new things and important things thank you Dr.chuk for being beautiful guide.

교육 기관: Mark A

2020년 3월 25일

Nice to have a chance to change things up a bit. More open ended forum posts are fun, and it gets you to think a bit more about 'stuff'.

교육 기관: Jerry E B J

2016년 5월 17일

I really enjoyed this course. I recommend it to anyone that wants to be challenged to utilize and improve an Architecture with Python.

교육 기관: mahmoud r

2021년 7월 22일

After all, this specialization is completed.  I enjoyed every minute of this lectures and learned many thing about python programing.

교육 기관: Ritik K

2020년 5월 10일

This capstone is a great experience for me and i hope for others too.. We get to learn a lot of things from this. I Just loved this.


2020년 11월 17일

Amazing set of 5 courses. Totally loved the way Dr. Chuck guided us throughout the course and learnt a lot of new and useful things.

교육 기관: Chukka P S S C M

2020년 1월 3일

I've learned so much about python such that I can get next level of python and reassemble my dreams to become a software developer..

교육 기관: Raunak S

2018년 9월 4일

good enough course for the concluding part of the whole specialization course but should have been more complicated and challenging.

교육 기관: Jimut B P

2018년 1월 6일

just a awesome experience in life to be in this capstone and learn different interesting things from geeks and nerds, thanks a bunch

교육 기관: Аитор Х

2018년 11월 25일

A lot of things going on, you really need to walk through the scripts by yourself after the course if you want to understand them.

교육 기관: Manuel C M E

2022년 1월 22일

Excellent way to learn about python. I enjoyed this course a lot. The teacher is able to adapt the course for each student needs.

교육 기관: Vaibhav Y T

2020년 7월 2일

This 5 Course series is the best Programming basics course you can ever get, after all Dr. Chuck makes it way more interesting :)

교육 기관: Anil K D

2020년 5월 30일

This is awesome course for everyone, who wants to learn Python. Everything (Videos, assignments, quiz, and examples) really good.

교육 기관: Claudia R R

2018년 9월 24일

Great course for beginners and it gets you on you way to know how to do a bit of research to find Python tools for your own needs

교육 기관: Joaquim S

2021년 4월 16일

Curso cobre as principais tarefas de recuperação e processamento de dados, ótimo para quem está se aprofundando nesse conteúdo.

교육 기관: Mohd F B A

2020년 10월 2일

Big Thank to Dr Charles, to Teaching Staff for a good tip and all class member also my sponsorship program MDEC from Malaysia.

교육 기관: 刘思成

2020년 3월 29일

Sooooooo happy that I get all the certificates!! I will keep learning about python and more about computer science. Thank you!

교육 기관: Raymond L

2020년 1월 1일

The courses uses all the knowledge I learned from previous courses. Take some time to examine the codes, you will gain a lot.

교육 기관: Noman a

2021년 12월 26일

A Very interesting course that helps one to think like problem solver and cover the basic aspects of programming as a whole.