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Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling, 펜실베이니아 대학교

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About this Course

How can you put data to work for you? Specifically, how can numbers in a spreadsheet tell us about present and past business activities, and how can we use them to forecast the future? The answer is in building quantitative models, and this course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of this critical, foundational, business skill. Through a series of short lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, you’ll learn the key ideas and process of quantitative modeling so that you can begin to create your own models for your own business or enterprise. By the end of this course, you will have seen a variety of practical commonly used quantitative models as well as the building blocks that will allow you to start structuring your own models. These building blocks will be put to use in the other courses in this Specialization....

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대학: SC

Jun 04, 2018

Course is having ultimate content regarding the understanding of Quantitative modeling and its applications. Having great explanation with examples of linear, power, exponential and log functions.

대학: NM

Jul 23, 2017

Very good background to quantitative modelling. It gets a bit heavy on the mathematical formulas in places, but if you follow through, it helps cement understanding. Good speed/pace of material.

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대학: Jafed Encinas

May 20, 2019

Excellent course for Finance Enthusiasts

대학: nathan ruth

May 16, 2019

Pretty decent course. If I had to do this over again I would take course 2 first then course 1.

대학: Cory Elam

May 12, 2019

Great refresher on modeling that does not rely too heavily on mathematical proofs or deriving equations.

대학: Diego Fernando Blanco Morales

May 10, 2019


대학: Rose

May 10, 2019

Awesome course!

대학: Hayk Leipolt

May 09, 2019

Very clear, straight to the point courses. Remains at high level but still, very good introduction to statistics fundamentals for modelling

대학: Ernani Honório Marques Júnior

May 04, 2019

Great course for an overview of statistical concepts!

대학: Akash Chaubey

May 04, 2019

it is very useful for finance personal.

대학: 樊荣

May 04, 2019

Too elementary

대학: Gaurav Dhooper

Apr 30, 2019