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Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges. This course will teach you the mechanisms of gamification, why it has such tremendous potential, and how to use it effectively. For additional information on the concepts described in the course, you can purchase Professor Werbach's book For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business in print or ebook format in several languages....

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Jun 17, 2017

Very structured and interesting class about gamification. Kevin is a very engaging teacher and this course was perfect introduction to gamification. I highly recommend the course. Thank you very much!


May 23, 2019

Excellent course! I found it very useful. It really builds a super strong foundation to think about this User Motivation and UX. The word Gamification is something that some people like and some hate.

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교육 기관: Ednei L

Feb 21, 2017

Great! A meaningful experiece.

교육 기관: Mustafa G

Jul 07, 2017

Detailed comprehensive and very beneficial program for every professional

교육 기관: Peggy D L

Jun 07, 2017

Excellent! I would take it again just to get the references and information I know I missed. I teach at a University, using games and simulations in both undergrad and graduate courses. This gave me a deeper understanding of games and gamification. I've purchased some of the materials mentioned in the course for further reading. Thanks, Kevin, for a great course!

교육 기관: Chris L

Dec 17, 2015


교육 기관: Tailor V

Dec 16, 2015

Highly original course, inspiring and well delivered.

교육 기관: Hector A I

Mar 13, 2017

It's the second time I watch this course. That's how great it is. Prof. Werbach is a master with gamification and the way it explains the course it's just awesome. THANKS!

교육 기관: Sebastien C

Feb 10, 2016

This is the best humanities course I have taken online. The lectures were thought provoking, and there are plenty of chances to think about and apply the concepts of Gamification outside of the lectures and quizzes. For example, the 'discussion' topics given were stimulating and rewarding to think about. A lot was left to the learner's imagination in wondering how the concepts could be applied to the real world - for better and for worse! The quizzes definitely tested the knowledge from the lectures.

교육 기관: Visvesh

Jun 27, 2016

Great course. Starts from the basics and builds upon it to offer a very engaging, enriching and satisfying experience.

교육 기관: Dmitry L

Feb 08, 2017


교육 기관: Job t B

Jan 17, 2016

very well explained, good examples and very relevant.

교육 기관: Fernando S

Feb 09, 2016

Excellent course! Exciting and very well presented by Professor Kevin Werbach.

교육 기관: Diana O F C

Feb 13, 2016

Aborda de forma integral los principales aspectos de la ludificación, brindando ejemplos y referencias. Muy satisfecha de haberlo tomado.

교육 기관: Zhou H

Dec 14, 2015


교육 기관: Diego T

Nov 21, 2016

Excellent course on a new field. Lots of good ideas!!

교육 기관: Xiaoyun H

Jul 30, 2016

it is cool and useful.

교육 기관: Deepak B

Oct 02, 2016

It was informative, and the structure in which it is designed... well done.

교육 기관: Richard D V

Aug 27, 2017

The instructor from Wharton provides clear understanding of the topic with enthusiasm and great skills.

교육 기관: Tássio J G G

Sep 19, 2017

Very Good! Muito bom mesmo!

교육 기관: İsmail A B

Mar 21, 2016

Best source I have ever got

교육 기관: Vazgen B

Dec 15, 2016

This is an extremely good and comprehensive introduction to Gamification. By the end of the course, you learn enough and even more to apply game elements to your real-life business and life challenges. I wish the course was updated though (some of the content is slightly outdated).

교육 기관: Jorge G

Aug 27, 2016

Intense, demanding but immensely useful and inspirational course both for learning about the subject and for attempting your first gamified platform

교육 기관: Cristian V

Mar 12, 2016

The teaching quality is excellent. The course is complete and detailed. The teacher seems to have real intention of making you understand what gamification is, what can it do for good and what are the dangers and the criticism.

교육 기관: Francisco C Z

Jan 14, 2016

This was my first Coursera course and I really enjoyed it!

The course structure is well thought and the assignments are challenging, I learned a lot.

It has a lot of psychological motivations theory and game design thinking combined into real world business scenarios.

Great course overall.

교육 기관: Haytham M K

Dec 03, 2017

very important course, everyone should take this course to make the world more productive and fun...

교육 기관: Richard B

Aug 01, 2016

The whole field of gamification is very helpful to my recent and future projects. I had lots of great aha moments. Listening to Kevin Werbach was easy and fun. Thx also to my peers!