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Construction Project Management introduces you to Project Initiation and Planning. Industry experts join Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, to give an overview of the construction industry. Professor Odeh teaches the fundamentals of the Project Development Cycle while guest lecturers discuss Lean Project Delivery method and Lean Design Behaviors. Technological advances, such as Building Information Modeling, will be introduced with real world examples of the uses of BIM during the Lifecycle of the Project. The course concludes with Professor Odeh discussing the importance of project planning and scheduling and an opportunity to develop a Work Breakdown Structure....

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Aug 03, 2019

The course is too good in which I have learnt construction management technologies, contracts, bonds, activities involved in it and many more. Thankful for such good course made available for all.


Dec 10, 2016

Great course and right examples and very detail explanation of fundamentals, in my opinion being clear in fundamental of subject would be easier to get mastered. This course provided that to me.

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교육 기관: Alaa M I

Jan 15, 2017

many thanks

교육 기관: Alex P

Mar 18, 2017

Well explained, specially liked the new trends in technology class.


May 29, 2017

it's superb

교육 기관: Bryan C

Nov 15, 2016


교육 기관: Giorgio K

Nov 22, 2016

An excellent way to start this specialization! The course was clear and very interesting.

교육 기관: Whitney K

Dec 23, 2016

Formidable course!

교육 기관: Nikhilkumar R

Jun 29, 2017

Its a wonderful learning experience with coursera.

교육 기관: Wellington A K

Jul 05, 2018

Really good organization, the concepts behind the classes are all practical and used worldwide.

교육 기관: Syafyar G

May 14, 2017

Thank you!

교육 기관: Cynthia A R

Jun 20, 2017

I had a lot of learnings and enlightenment on the modules. It was very well presented and easy to understand. To sometimes, the test questions for non English person, I got confused on the structuring of the sentences. Other than that, everything is fantastic! Thank you.

교육 기관: Jose R

Apr 04, 2018

Very informative as Project Management 101

교육 기관: HENRY H

Dec 15, 2016

The course content and presentation is very satisfactory as its covers the relevant topics adequately. Most of the presenters who are very experienced CEO's and Directors used very good real life examples during their presentations.

교육 기관: Elis L M M

Apr 11, 2017

Very interesting course. I would reccomend it to everyone. The only thing that was not so useful for me were modules which are very specific such as Bonds. However, these might be useful in the future, for we dont only work where we live.

Great course!

교육 기관: Mithra S

Oct 23, 2017

Excellent course !!

교육 기관: Rakesh K P

May 25, 2017

really good

교육 기관: Soliman A S

Oct 14, 2017

very good

교육 기관: Imran H

Jan 31, 2017

this is very good for those people who are under construction manangement.

please follow this course.

교육 기관: mark a s

Aug 02, 2017

I really enjoy it and full of knowledge. Thanks Coursera.

교육 기관: Mohamed A a

Jul 07, 2018

many thanks , for all of you

교육 기관: Tirso S

May 17, 2018

Excellent introductory course!

교육 기관: Gavin S

Jun 22, 2018

This was an amazing experience! Being a father of 3 and not being able to physically attend a classroom setting, it is difficult to further my knowledge in my field and become the best I can be at what I am doing. This course helped me to round off rough edges and understand how to better lead my team and understand what the building blocks are to being a good project manager. Thank you and I will be taking as many courses as my schedule will allow!

교육 기관: Abhishek S

Aug 14, 2017

Awesome learning experience!!!

Thanks Coursera!!!

Thanks Columbia University!!!

교육 기관: S S K

Oct 15, 2017


교육 기관: tabish a

Sep 18, 2017

best teachers i ever had

교육 기관: Martha P A

Oct 24, 2017

Great course, had lots of good information to prepare the student for the construction industry.