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This course teaches computer programming to those with little to no previous experience. It uses the programming system and language called MATLAB to do so because it is easy to learn, versatile and very useful for engineers and other professionals. MATLAB is a special-purpose language that is an excellent choice for writing moderate-size programs that solve problems involving the manipulation of numbers. The design of the language makes it possible to write a powerful program in a few lines. The problems may be relatively complex, while the MATLAB programs that solve them are relatively simple: relative, that is, to the equivalent program written in a general-purpose language, such as C++ or Java. As a result, MATLAB is being used in a wide variety of domains from the natural sciences, through all disciplines of engineering, to finance, and beyond, and it is heavily used in industry. Hence, a solid background in MATLAB is an indispensable skill in today’s job market. Nevertheless, this course is not a MATLAB tutorial. It is an introductory programming course that uses MATLAB to illustrate general concepts in computer science and programming. Students who successfully complete this course will become familiar with general concepts in computer science, gain an understanding of the general concepts of programming, and obtain a solid foundation in the use of MATLAB. Students taking the course will get a MATLAB Online license free of charge for the duration of the course. The students are encouraged to consult the eBook that this course is based on. More information about these resources can be found on the Resources menu on the right....

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Sep 25, 2016

There is much more to MATLAB than what the course can cover. But It has definitely provided me with the necessary skills and confidence to use it in tackling the practical problems in the real world.


Apr 08, 2019

Very good course, it has some really mind blowing problem sets. I would suggest everyone to hit the problems with a blank mind, i found completely different ways to solve them, and that was amazing.

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교육 기관: Mushita M M

Aug 25, 2018

It was a nicely coordinated course and really helpful for practicing MATLAB but some of the assignment questions were a little bit unclear. Other than that the course was thoroughly awesome. Thank you to the mentor.

교육 기관: Raghubir S

May 10, 2017

I would recommend this course to everyone who has interest in maths with programming. This course will be beneficial for my further study in computer science.

교육 기관: Raheel M

Jan 30, 2017

I learned a lot from this course. The only thing i observed this course was lacking is that the video lectures and the homework assignments given were not perfectly in sync with each other, as the lectures did not completely cover the things we were supposed to do in assignments.

교육 기관: Umair R

Jun 27, 2016

Well structured course. It's an important one for specially engineers and scientist.

교육 기관: Yaroslav K

May 25, 2018

Very good and serious course. I passed it in four sessions, having break of a couple of months between each of them. Yet, after interruptions I was immediately comfortable with Matlab. The previously acquired skills were not forgotten.

Explanations are very detailed (sometimes too much detailed for me), and the exercises encourage research of additional functionalities. Pity that programming tasks for the last Lesson are not really related to it, and some of them are rather boring than challenging.

교육 기관: Fabia M

Sep 27, 2016

Very well done, I loved the lectures and enjoyed the assignments. I had no previous experience of programming and I found the explanation of the concepts very clear.

The main critique for me is that ,for some of the problems, not having a background in physics might be..well..too challenging! It took me hours only to read about the theory behind the question, to find out the appropriate formula to use in the code, whilst writing the actual program was pretty quick.

Other than that, I would certainly recommend the course.

교육 기관: Jose L R H

Mar 07, 2018


교육 기관: Subash M

Jul 18, 2017

it is a good course for beginners like me.

교육 기관: Khadijah M

Sep 12, 2018

good course but if it had more progress in matlab, it'd be better.

i mean that the content is so little. it contained few topics in Matlab

교육 기관: 怀率恒

Dec 15, 2017

好课程 可能是自己的英语不好 理解作业的描述总有些问题

교육 기관: Abhishek S C

Sep 22, 2019

i am in the third week of this course and it is designed for a beginner. They give very minute details about everything.In my opinion the best way to learn is by making mistakes and accepting them and this course is all about learning from your mistakes. they assignment are not difficult but require a little thinking.

교육 기관: Max H

Jul 04, 2016

Positive points:

-this really is a beginners course, without any knowledge about coding or the syntax of MATLAB necessary.

-you learn by solving the problems yourself. This gives you great insight about the thought processes necessary, about different approaches and how to realize your ideas.

-Mentors are responding quickly (sometimes within a half hour) and are doing there best to help you out.

Negative points:

-The video lectures, although informative have a very slow paste and the earlier ones do not prepare you that well for the homework assignments. However once you get used to it you will manage to get an idea about the assignments from the lectures. Still the same problem is illustrated way too often in the same lecture. One could either add different problems or shorten the lectures a lot. With time it is possible to learn when one can skip a section but it makes it especially hard for people to start the course, since one spends hours watching videos for just learning about basic syntax in the beginning

- For some of the homework assignments the mathematical part was the bigger challenge for me than the coding part, which is really frustrating when you just want to learn how to code.

교육 기관: Muhammad A

Nov 13, 2019

The course was really amazing and very useful but I think many other points should be explained. Also, the solutions provided are not self-explanatory. A separate video should be added to explain the solutions to the assignments. The biggest problem was that the final problems at the end of the course are very hard are not useful at all.

교육 기관: jing z

Feb 01, 2017

Some assignment are so physics related

교육 기관: Royal M

Dec 28, 2018

course was good to begin with however a module on calculus will be of more help.

교육 기관: Robertus A K P

Mar 20, 2017

Very helpful but sometimes it is too slow

교육 기관: adnan m

May 26, 2018


교육 기관: Amreek S

Mar 08, 2017

Too many videos with repetitive content. Homework was much more complicated than the information given.

교육 기관: Jiacheng Z

Nov 29, 2018

Too easy!!!!

교육 기관: Tiago G R

Jun 03, 2017

The course is very good but the assignments are very hard for beginners, sometimes you get almost lost, you don't know how to start.

The assignments level is very high compared to the lessons examples.

교육 기관: Muhammad U

Jun 09, 2019

The last two assignments , image blur and echo generator were out of the scope , it took me alot of days to complete it. At least some videos related to these assignments should have been added

교육 기관: Himanshi C

Oct 20, 2019

I learned a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Kieron H

Dec 04, 2017

The course videos are a highlight, with the instructor both authoritative and giving off a friendly aura.

However, the bulk of the course, the assignments, is atrocious, and was a real nightmare to slog through. The questions regularly require knowledge or techniques not covered elsewhere in the course, including some specialist Maths knowledge (this course assumes you have high level Maths, but this wasn't stated as a prerequisite going in). Most of the time the questions do not give any example function calls, and likewise the grader used for these assignments doesn't indicate what the answer it wants -is-, it just says the function was wrong. This led to a lot of frustration trying to discern what the question/grader wanted from me in the first place, rather than difficulty in figuring out how to actually make Matlab do what I needed.

Not only do a number of the questions assume you have advanced Mathematics knowledge, but a good number of them feel much more like Maths questions than programming questions. In these questions I spent all my time researching and figuring out mathematical formulae rather than learning anything about Matlab itself.

In short, I left this course drained and mostly relieved that it was finally over, with a poor impression of Matlab Online, and a feeling that I will be avoiding any further courses from Vanderbilt University.

교육 기관: shreyansh k

Oct 31, 2018

not good i cant understant any thing need to inprove

교육 기관: Eloy Y

Aug 14, 2017

Extremely difficult assignments for the conte