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In this course you will learn three key website programming and design languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will create a web page using basic elements to control layout and style. Additionally, your web page will support interactivity. At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Define the purpose of HTML, CSS and JavaScript 2. Make a simple web page using HTML 3. Use CSS to control text styles and layout 4. Use CSS libraries such as Bootstrap to create responsive layouts 5. Use JavaScript variables and functions 6. Manipulate web page content using JavaScript 7. Respond to user input using JavaScript In this course, you will complete: 2 assignments writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, each taking ~1 hour to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete 1 programming exercise~30 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....

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2017년 10월 10일

Thought the course did a great job of teaching the basics without getting too ahead of itself. All of the sample code was well commented out to explain exactly what the code did which was very helpful

2018년 5월 26일

This is an excellent course for the basics in html, css and js I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to build a simple but interactive website using one of the many frameworks available

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Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 의 1,519개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Deleted A

2019년 5월 25일

Make assignment little bit more tough.

교육 기관: Ritik S

2019년 6월 21일

This course provides you with fundamentals outline and nothing in deep and fully explained. They provide you with codes to learn upon yourself and refer to other websites like W3Schools to learn in deep from there. If you want basics and in addition just an overview of basics then go ahead.

교육 기관: Precious C

2017년 8월 29일

I honestly did not get value for money, I took similar course on Udemy for just $10 and it was very comprehensive, fun and easy to follow. The instructors were so boring and stammering most of the time.

$49 subscription for this course was a waste. I'm serious.

교육 기관: John H F

2016년 2월 14일

Bright instructors delivering succinct and interesting content, with quick-paced videos and quizzes make a great learning experience. I am really impressed! Thank you, University of London people!

교육 기관: santosh

2016년 1월 3일

It's very good for beginner who already have hands in programming. it gives very basic and important concepts about HTML, CSS and javascript. it also gives a brief history of internet and HTML.

교육 기관: Abhishek G S

2019년 6월 18일

The JavaScript and the jQuery part should've been explained in more depth. The peer-reviewed assignments should've been a bit more challenging. It was like everything was already done for us and we just had to modify a tiny part of the code or add a bit, etc. Other than that, an awesome course!

교육 기관: Sarah F

2015년 11월 10일

Sometimes the teacher only shortly mentions things and then goes on with major exlanations about other things. Which is fine because I assume he will go deeper into the material later on. But when we had to do the final exam (for week 2), they asked questions about "what happens if there are two commands in the brackets" (like this .changeme .changemeagain). The teacher never ever mentioned that the first command is the most important one and the second is a kind of 'fallback', for example. And even if he did mention it, it was only a kind of sidenoteand did not seem that important. So, all in all, I really do like this course, but instructions aren't always super clear.

교육 기관: David G

2015년 9월 20일

A very lightweight intro to HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and a dash of Boostrap. The instructors barely introduce the topics, and then point out that we don't need them, we can just "Google or Yahoo" for the information.

If you just need a shove to get you moving down a path, this might be helpful, or if you are brand new to HTML, this would be a relatively painless way to check it out. I'm just not sure there is enough hand holding over the difficult bits for someone brand new to coding. The materials are pretty sparse and there is not much structure.

All four weeks are available at the onset of the class and the entire class can be completed in a weekend.

교육 기관: Christine D

2018년 5월 27일

This is an excellent course for the basics in html, css and js I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to build a simple but interactive website using one of the many frameworks available

교육 기관: Elena H

2020년 9월 25일

I am very disappointed with this course. I thought it is for the beginners but there are a lot of points that you cannot pass unless you are a programmer. I am mostly disappointed with coursera and it's refund policy. It says that I can still get a refund if I do it during the first two weeks. Well funny story, the course started really failing on the third week when I couldn't get a refund anymore and there is no way to find how to contact coursera about this.

Now whats wrong with the course. In the first two lessons there were some codes/tags that were not working. I was doind everything exactly like on the course but I guess something has an upgrade and the tags we learned during the course didn't work. Also the chat section is not much of a help as nobody is replying. I figured out a few tags by myself that gave the function i was looking for (completely different from the course) but after a couple more i got frustrated and disappointed but decided to continue with the course because the tags were just few extras and obviously I don't expect to learn all of them during this intro course to coding.

Well week 3 was a surprise beause lots of things were mentioned like this: "as you learned during the first 2 weeks", and basically the guy was talking about something that was completely new and was never ever mentioned during the first course.

Also the exams are not fun to do because there is a lot that you face in the exams that were never tought before. Basically you learn stuff during the exam by guessing the answers. Some are modified and some tags are changed a bit so they are just modifying the things that were tought before, but some stuff is completely new and there is no way a beginner can do that!!!!

After few lessons of week 3 i tried to find a solution to get my money back but apparently there is no option like that so I leave this as it is, lose my money and leave a bad review to this course. Sorry but this is unfair for us who want to learn and understand this well. Eventually I couldn't finish the course a) because of the lack of information b) lack of motivation

교육 기관: Rachael M

2016년 2월 22일

This was a great course! I was a true beginner in the world of coding/website design. In the four short weeks of this course, I was able to create an interactive website. Yes, it was a small and very basic website, however it is still a website. This course provided me with the basics to get started and resources that I can now use to further my knowledge. Thank you to the professors for making this transition into the tech world easy to grasp and understand.

교육 기관: Simon R

2018년 1월 21일

This is very much an introductory course, and should be labelled as such. Top marks to the content creators, I found the delivery very good. I am often a bit dissimissive of courses that focus quizes on specific aspects of knowledge e.g. file extensions etc. because they seem a bit pedantic. I prefer an approach were understanding is tested, over knowledge.

교육 기관: baha b

2020년 5월 3일

I highly recommend this course for the beginners like me who are searching where to put their first step in this domain, in this course you ll find a simple and clear explanations with great teachers !

교육 기관: Cory M

2017년 10월 11일

Thought the course did a great job of teaching the basics without getting too ahead of itself. All of the sample code was well commented out to explain exactly what the code did which was very helpful

교육 기관: Ernesto N S

2017년 2월 22일

Simple and great for beginners. I loved the the way the basics where presented. Very good course indeed!

교육 기관: Deleted A

2019년 1월 25일

This is an awesome course... I'm getting everything easily... The instructor has good knowledge...

교육 기관: Kim R

2019년 1월 6일

This is excellent for a beginner !! Loved it!!

교육 기관: Mahmoud H

2019년 1월 24일

Its Perfect

교육 기관: Sergio C

2020년 8월 29일

Even an introductory very low level basic course should be interesting, challenging, and educative. This is none of those things. The lectures look like "just repeat the same concept in several convoluted and different ways and they'll understand". The quizzes are a joke, and the grade exercises... c'mon guys, really? Change "image_1" to "image_2" and see if it shows a different picture? Add [this code] where there is an [alert - this is where]? We learners are not stupid, hust we doesn't know things. Any hello world tutorial on the web (and that means a huge lot) provides more information than this course (course?). I went all the way to the end, just to be sure, and I really hate it. Sorry guys, I won't risk doing any of the other courses from the specialization.

교육 기관: Amy B

2016년 10월 14일

The concept of the course is excellent--short videos, quizzes, activity. The execution is extremely poor--the short quizzes often do not emphasize the elements focused upon in the video OR ask questions addressed in the next video (not the one just viewed) OR address issues that are not raised at all in this particular course (but issues from other courses in the specialization). One is penalized for being late with assignments and must shift to a new session if one is late. The weekly tests are absolutely ridiculous--they ask questions requiring the application of concepts which were barely covered, concepts which were not reviewed, or which require real world knowledge which cannot be assumed for someone who has no experience in this field.

교육 기관: Lisa A

2015년 10월 16일


교육 기관: liu x l

2016년 1월 2일

All three parts (html css and javascript) covered by this course are well taught. It is targets beginners very well. I especially like the way how javascript is introduced -- in contrast to normal programming language courses which start with grammar, here it starts with examples. This way one can very fast already start programming something, which is much more interesting.

Also the quizzes, exercises and projects are well thought through and help a lot with understanding and learning.

Finally, about the examples used in this course, many of them are simple and nice, but some of them are maybe too simple to convey the message, such that it doesn't help much with understanding...

교육 기관: Kristoffer H

2015년 10월 8일

The University of London is amazing. As a person with severe anxiety who is also a full time student I don't have as much time as I would like to focus on these courses but this course was so well compartmentalized and polished that it was a great experience even for me. I really liked how the pace of the assignments is increasing in complexity at a very nice pace. As a person with anxiety peer reviewed assignments can be a very frustrating process people can be petty with peer reviewed assignments I can't convey to them my other learning disabilities.

교육 기관: Apuroop S

2015년 12월 16일

A course that starts off from the complete basics of programming using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. The course assignments are well thought out. A beginner is provided with sufficient set of tools to complete them while intermediate users have the freedom to try out new features.

People already with a fair amount of expertise with HTML, CSS & JS may not find this to be intellectually stimulating. However it is ideal for beginners and very useful for anyone looking to brush up on the basics of these web development languages.

교육 기관: Lina s

2020년 4월 10일

The course was very well structured and I really liked the professor's work. The explanations were very comprehensive and without any 'noisy' information. Everything was brief, precise and clear. Also the extra materials, e.g. on Javascript were and are very useful. Even if the topic seems difficult (for a person with no previous background on programmng), there were no big difficulties to complete the course. Looking forward to the next course of this specialization.